Mystery Pic #007

Mystery Pic #007

Nigel has been fretting that these pic comps are too hard, so I’m going to throw up a cluster and see how many of them are gettable…

Place your guesses in the comments box, please, ladies and gentlemen!


People, I am very disappointed in you! It’s George Lazenby as James Bond from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the underappreciated 007 flick in which our one-term spy gets married to Diana Rigg!

On Her Majesty's Secret Service title screen


3 responses to “Mystery Pic #007

  1. Come on, people – there’s a big fat clue staring you right in the face on this one!

  2. Honestly, you will kick yourselves…

  3. I’ll give you till the close of play today to get this one – look at the number of this one and you will get it (or at least figure out who is in it)!

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