Local politwitticians

Just updating the list on the CllrTweeps post, thought I’d put it up front too in case anyone missed it first time round.

Local councillors on Twitter:

Local MPs on Twitter:

  • Kerry McCarthy MP: KerryMP (Bristol East constituency, Labour)

Other local politicos on Twitter:

  • James Barlow: JamesBarlow (Conservative constituency chairman, Bristol West)
  • Paul Smith: BristolWestPaul (prospective Parliamentary candidate, Bristol West, Labour)

Local media types on Twitter:

  • Marc Cooper: BristolCoops (Evening Post website editor)
  • Mike Norton: Bristol_Editor (Evening Post editor, not twittered since August 08)

2 responses to “Local politwitticians

  1. Thanks for this list of exceptionally boring Twatters. Most interesting to know who to block when they try to follow… 🙂

    Fuck me, do you think these people will ever get it?

    For the evening post Twatters, it must be like looking at your own grave getting on Twitter. Bye bye evening post… Oh sorry you have Crackerjack… lol. 🙂

  2. BristleKRS – public service blogging since 2006.

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