You’ve Been Framed: The Google Street View Years

Bike crash captured by Google Street View

Bike crash at junction of City Road, Upper York Street and Stokes Croft, as captured on Google Street View. Perhaps more astonishing than this pile-up (and exactly how did that happen? Is the chap on the left riding an invisible steed?) is that there are no tramps in the background. I guess they heard about the plans to water down White Lightning.

Tip O’ The Titfer: [underscore] via Stefan Goodchild

ETA: Chris Hutt has spotted that The Sun has picked up the picture – it’s the third one in this slideshow, and also mentioned here.

ETA: It’s also featured in this BBC article (5th image in the gallery).

ETA: I can’t find any pictures showing the pre-crash situation, but this picture shows the aftermath in a bit more detail. That skateboarder is definitely acting suspiciously!

Bike crash aftermath


13 responses to “You’ve Been Framed: The Google Street View Years

  1. There are two bikes, the one of helmeted rider being underneath. If you move around the junction a bit you can catch the next pic in the series which shows the scene a couple of seconds later. There’s also a skateboarder heading off down the street so I say let’s blame him.

  2. Yeh, the guy in the blue shirt is the skateboarder! Is that a first for a skateboarder-on-bike-on-bike crash in Bristol. What chance of that being caught in the act by Google Streets?

  3. Heh, cheers Chris 😀

    There’s actually a skateboarder (as in, a fully-grown, adult man who skateboards, to and from work) who lives opposite me. I’m blaming him!

  4. Here’s one you’ll like from the streets of Valencia.

  5. You’ve got my card marked!

    Good spot 8)

  6. I reckon the guy in the fluorescent jacket jumped the red light (as to be expected it seems now), coming away from the VW Polo. Hard to say though – shame you can’t go further down Stokes Croft (i.e. back in time a few seconds) and Pan up to see what was happening!

  7. I reckon the guy with the helmet was turning off Stokes Croft to go down Upper York Street, quite legitimately, but found himself on a collision course with the hi-viz guy who jumped the lights at City Road.

    Helmet guy tries an emergency stop but loses traction on back wheel which swings round to the right. He then slides sideways along the ground into hi-viz guy, bringing him down. Helmet guy manages to jettison on impact and ends up appearing to be running in almost the opposite direction to his approach.

    I’d like to work skateboard man into it, but I suspect he was just passing at the same time. Plausible or what?

  8. Hmm, I’m not sure about that – that would mean Helmet Guy (and his bike) would have swung round the best part of 180º whilst cycling downhill, but ending up jumping back the way he came after an impact to his left…

    My tuppence is that Helmet Guy is cycling the wrong way up Upper York Street (a common enough occurence), intending to push over City Road onto Stokes Croft to the right, to then either cycle along the pavement (again, common enough here) up to the 24 hour shop or perhaps to get to the Hepburn Road turning, or else to get to the crossing over Stokes Croft that straddles between the massage parlour and the internet cafe.

    In doing this he’s watching to his left, checking for right-turning vehicles on Stokes Croft, and also the traffic-facing lights on the corner – a red meaning he shouldn’t be getting any cars driving into him from his starboard side.

    Meanwhile Hi-Viz Guy is bombing along City Road, intending to make a quick sweep round onto Stokes Croft towards St. James’ Barton, runs the red light, and is himself attending more to his right than his front, wary of vehicles turning right off Stokes Croft onto Upper York Street (which is permitted) as well as vehicles on the other side making left-hand turns to get onto Upper York Street (which is not permitted, but not uncommon).

    And then they meet.

    I think I’ve got the traffic flow right there. My head’s spinning just thinking about it 😀

  9. PS I think Dave has been allocated Chris’s gravatar and vice versa by mistake 😀

    ETA I should have said wavatar, not gravatar… And I’ve switched to MonsterID now anyway…

  10. I thought my ‘Gravatar’ strangely appropriate.

    The trouble with your theory is that a cyclist coming up from Upper York Street would have a lot less velocity, since it’s uphill. To end up with the UYS bike below the City Road bike like that would require the CR bike to collide with the back end of the UYR bike, which seems unlikely since CR bike will then have seen UYR bike in front of him for some time.

    In my scenario UYS bike is heading to, not from, UYS and has priority and a downhill grade, so could easily be going at a decent speed, hence little time to take evasive action once he saw CR bike coming through despite the red.

    I’m still suspicious of skateboard man because he appears, in the next pic, to make a very quick exit from the scene. Doesn’t that suggest that he might have been partially responsible and didn’t want to have to explain himself? Otherwise wouldn’t he have hung around for a few seconds, if only to see if everyone was OK?

  11. I feel conflicted – the downhill gradient aspect of your version certainly sounds very compelling…

  12. Personally, I reckon the two of them were too busy gawking at a black Vauxhall Astra with a huge tripod and 4 cameras perched on top to look where they were going…

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