Banksy stormed!

Banksy stormed!

In the early hours of this morning, Banksy’s ‘Mild Mild West’ on Stokes Croft in Bristol (UK) was repainted by a member of Appropriate Media, presenting an alternative version of this ‘alternative Bristol landmark’.

Through this action, Appropriate Media asks ?What is the value of street art??. How much time and money will be spent to restore this urban ‘masterpiss’ by urban masterpisser, Banksy.

Come on, you only care about it cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.

Come on, you only care about it cos makes you feel edgy and urban to tour round the inner city in your 4×4, taking in the tired coffee table subversion that graffiti has become.

Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art.
Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.
We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property.

We are taking matters into our own hands

We will not seek permission

We will retaliate

From Appropriate Media

ETA (1):

Just to clarify, I am not Appropriate Media, I just saw a post about it on Bristol IndyMedia – so anyone itching to dole out some death threats, hate mail, notes of congratulations or whatever, please bear this in mind 😉

ETA (2):

Some media coverage:

Bristol blogs on this:


11 responses to “Banksy stormed!

  1. Boo! spoilers!

    Try creating instead of destroying. It’s much harder.

  2. reminds me of a similar thing that happened to the kissing policemen Banksy in Brighton when I lived there. CCTV caught a guy pull up in his van & throw paint over it – but unfortunately for him his van had the phone number of his plumbing business on the side. he got caught, the stencil was restored by staff of the pub whose wall it was on & nowadays it’s protected with clear plastic sheeting…

  3. r*pemachine

    wait, why did they do it?

    “appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property.”


    those people who drunkenly rip up flower beds and brake hanging baskets in towns at weekends, that’s pretty much who did this isn’t it?

  4. well done, tossers! i can hear the corridors of power and influence cracking under under the strain of your revolutionary paint-splashing and ‘toot is teh whistle of bog’ polemics.

    ace. nothing sticks it to the man like throwing paint on something people in the neighborhood have a liking for. that’ll show those bourgeois phoneys minding their own business!

    the only wankers bigger than banksy are you lot.

  5. thebristolblogger

    I was almost impressed with this thinking their manifesto was really sharp, witty and Charlie Brookeresque.

    Then I realised their manifesto was Charlie Brooker …

  6. Haha. good show ladies…

    “How much time and money will be spent to restore this urban ‘masterpiss’ by urban masterpisser, Banksy.”

    The answer on both accounts would have been zero before some “urban masterpissers” like those ‘artists’ spread some dulux over it.

    “Come on, you only care about it cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.”

    Surely, THEY only care about it “cos its a Banksy and he sells his lazy polemics to Hollywood movie stars for big bucks.”

    I’ve just tagged a stencil of Thatcher above that lad from skins house…I can’t wait to see the retribution…I’m sure it will be ungodly etc…

  7. one word rondo FUCK YOU. Stick it to the man? Who the fuck are you talking about, like the government put the piece up their or something. Famous artist puts stuff over the city for every fucker to see an you act as if your some reveloutionist. What the fuck do you mean by corridooors of power and influence? are you a retard? obviously. If me or my mates saw anyone throwing paint over some good graff we’d beat the shit out the fuckers.

  8. I think you might be suffering from heatstroke there Phil, what with you getting totally the wrong end of the stick and all 😉

    one word rondo FUCK YOU

    Masterful satire, too!

  9. babberBristol

    I think personally that the graff up in stokes croft is the only thing thats good about it. The group obviously did this in an attempt to gain publicity for themselves by using Banksy’s popularity as a jumping point. Their explanation of their motive seems strangely at odds with the idea that street art is supposed to be a free expression basically as far away from the ides of authority and capitalism as possible. These guys are obviously bored, and not clever enough to sort out a consistent set of opinions. What the hell are they on about anyway, stokes croft would be the biggest scum-hole if it wasnt for some of the murals up there, it desperately needs some work!

  10. Somebody with a paintball marker, blue pellets and a grudge against Banksy appears to have been busy recently – the sex farce on by the side of Park Street and Mild Mild West have both been hit in recent days:

    Post reports on Park Street Banksy getting paintballed

    PRSC on the Mild Mild West shoot-n-scoot attack

    Post reports on Mild Mild West’s blues

    Anti-graffiti councillor attempts to clean up Park Street Banksy he himself was against in the first place, for a bet

    (Bristol Graffiti hasn’t posted since the 18th, so I guess is busy up at Pilton or somesuch; I’m sure there will be a full report there in due course though.)

  11. Er, you are against graffiti… so you use graffiti to display your message? Nice. Not so effective. Basically just defacing a much-loved masterPIECE to make yourselves look clever.
    It didn’t work.

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