Fighting FIT: Police Forward Intelligence Teams and the death of Ian Tomlinson

FIT cops at Ian Tomlinson's assault?

So, are these FIT officers? There are several more milling about in the Ian Tomlinson assault video, but it’s a bit too choppy to see much on the YouTube version.

Commenter Ed on Ian Bone’s blog has suggested that Stephen Discombe CO2558 might be present.

Any thoughts?


7 responses to “Fighting FIT: Police Forward Intelligence Teams and the death of Ian Tomlinson

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  2. Interesting observation it would be very interesting if someone could prove the political coppers were involved but a slight note of caution….
    My understanding is that blue panels on the uniform means a met officer directly controlled by Scotland yard, as opposed to such and such a station. Though in a demonstration situation this often means the NETCU FIT teams it could indicate some other unit, though I have no idea what? Anyone got further ideas…..

  3. Jason Sands

    NETCU don’t run FIT teams, they are not an intelligence organisation.

    The blue panels mean an officer is either Forward Intelligence (Oracle unit) or Evidence Gathering (Magnet unit).

    Some will be from Scotland Yard:
    Shut ITT Brighton IMG_6757
    (CO means Central Operations)

    and some wil be from boroughs:
    (EK is Kentish Town/Camden)

    They don’t always wear the hi-viz though:

  4. Murdering fucking cunts.
    Kill the bill

  5. Looked like at least six blue paneled cops in the footage on Channel Four news tonight. Why would evidence gatherers be there before anything happened. Chances are FIT know who hit Tomlinson, and on TV they just announced that the attacker has owned up.. Hope he likes prison food..

  6. prison food? whats the chances he doesnt even get suspended

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