Policing by consent, 2009-style: A kick to a dying man?

FIT cop kicking Ian Tomlinson?Have a look at this sequence of stills from the Ian Tomlinson assault video. Does it look to you like the officer in the hi-viz jacket with blue flashing – possibly a FIT cop – kicks or prods Ian Tomlinson with his foot as he lies prone on the ground?

Many officers who were present at the assault that may have led to Ian Tomlinson’s death have not come forward to speak with the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The suspicion lingers that none would have come forward had video footage of Ian Tomlinson being battered to the ground by a policeman been released by a newspaper six full days after he died.

That the IPCC initially called in the City of London Police to investigate the death of Ian Tomlinson – despite CoL cops being a large part of the G20 policing operation – did nothing to inspire public confidence in the objectivity and thoroughness of the enquiry.

The subsequent emergence of the video – in which City of London police officers are clearly visible, witnessing the assault on Ian Tomlinson – only helped to fan the flames of anger and distrust.

The IPCC has now pulled the CoL cops off the investigation. But is that enough to convince people that this will not be a sham, a whitewash, a cover-up?


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