Guardian: Were YOU injured by G20 police?


The Guardian want to interview people who were actually assaulted (not just threatened) by the police. You’ll need to use your real name.

Via What I Saw (blog devoted to eyewitness accounts from G20 protests) [Edit: It seems they have had a large response to this, and so don’t need any more! See comments for more on this.]

PS The pic comes from a demonstration outside Bristol Magistrates’ Court this morning in support of Paul Saville, the ‘Bristol Chalkist‘ who was arrested and charged with criminal damage for writing on the pavement in chalk. The Crown Prosecution Service finally saw sense and dropped the charges.

3 responses to “Guardian: Were YOU injured by G20 police?

  1. Heya,

    Climate Camp legal have asked me to take the above post offline now, they’ve got enough people!

    Duck (admin

  2. Post updated & email link removed 🙂

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