G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘C1’ – City of London Police Officer 204

The process of identifying the police witnesses (and possible accomplices) to the deadly assault on Ian Tomlinson in Royal Exchange Passage close to Cornhill is bearing fruit.

Says commenter Colin McQuillen:

C1 is officer 204. I have a sequence of him rushing and attacking an innocent photographer moments before the attack on Ian Tomlinson. The officer then turned for me – but noticed I was taking loads of photos of him…

I will look through the rest of my photos tonight and update. Great work.

From the picture Colin has linked to above, and by looking through the rest of his photos from the G20 protests (an important body of testimonial work), I believe we can more clearly get a picture of what the officer I labelled below as ‘C1’, and whom Colin has IDed as officer 204 of the City of Londson Police, looks like.

Here’s a composite based on two extracts from the Channel 4 News ‘broken camera’ footage and two of Colin’s pictures:

G20 Police Witnesses IDed: 'C1' - City of London Police Officer 204

If anyone can put a name to the face and/or number, or can bear witness to his activities on the day, previously or since, then please do get in touch. Please also spread this information.

If the police cannot police themselves, then we must do it. If we don’t, then next time it could be us lying lifeless in the gutter.


Colin has a selection of pictures featuring CoL cop 204 at G20 on his TwoThumbsFresh Flickr:


7 responses to “G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘C1’ – City of London Police Officer 204

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  3. Here’s some pictures of the dog cops I took earlier in the day, when they arrived. Hope they’re useful.


  4. Cheers for that – we seem to be building up a delightful profile of the dog handlers, ‘D3’ in particular. You’ve probably seen it, but Bone has linked to a video of D3 and his chums setting their hounds on protesters for the heinous crime of standing in an empty road. TwoThumbsFresh has a number of photographs of this too. I shall try and put together a montage of the clearest pictures in the next day or so.


  5. The man getting bit in that vimeo video is not the same one in those flickr photos. The guy in those photos (with the cream coloured t-shirt) was bitten right before this video was shot. In the video you can see him approaching the police, who then grab him. Right after that, the guy wearing a white long sleeved jacket gets bit.

    The 31st photo on this website shows that moment:

  6. Thanks for the feedback – I shall look more closely at this later.

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