‘G20 death cop’ on the sick

Previously I tried to locate where TSG 5 – one of the units involved in the clearance of the Climate Camp – was based. Someone had named ‘Larkhall Road’ as the address, but there was no street of that name in London, so I made a guess of it being the nearby Clapham Police Station.

Well, today the Mail is reporting that the TSG officer who assaulted Ian Tomlinson shortly before his death is based at… Larkhall Lane. So I revisited Street View and Google Earth and came up with this – a huge building with a large car park and a very secure set of gates, with nothing to give away that it is a major police depot save for the natty blue paint job.

Says the Mail:

The building, which is protected by a 6ft-high fence and security gates, houses more than 100 TSG officers and administrative staff.

Says a webpage about a London walk:

On the corner stands a very well-secured premises. There’s a heavy gate in Union Road (the only entrance, despite a long and very high wall down Larkhall Lane itself), formidable bright blue-painted railings, and spiky yucca plants. The only sign says ‘157 Larkhall Lane’, but the many vehicles parked in the deep parking lot, which runs the length of the office building, give the game away: this is some kind of police depot which does not want to advertise itself.

Finally, there is confirmation via, of all things, the Lambeth Community Police Consultative Group, which even provides the full address – 157 Larkhall Lane, London SW4 6RE (though the main entrance is by the yard facing onto Union Road. CCTV covers the doors on Larkhall Lane itself. Ironically a shop called CRS nestles next to it on the corner of Smedley Street and Larkhall Lane.) Apparently there was a ‘Meet the TSG’ open day last November.

So apologies for the confusion, I’m sorry I got it wrong.

Here’s what it looks like, from the air and the road:

TSG 5 base, Larkhall Lane SW4

TSG 5 base, Larkhall Lane SW4

Anyway, it should be interesting to see how this pans out. Interesting to see that TSG5 officers were involved in both the death of Ian Tomlinson and the violent cleance of Climate Camp on the same evening. It would appear that Chief Inspector John Dale (if he is still in command) has a lot of explaining to do.


10 responses to “‘G20 death cop’ on the sick

  1. Were the French CRS (Compagnies Républicaines de Securité) the blueprint for the TSG. After all, both seem to consist of uniformed psychopaths of limited intelligence?

  2. The Sgt at the centre of the ‘female assault’ allegation is also from 5 TSG @ Larkhall Lane. Chief Supt Mick Johnson is the OCU commander and has been previously advised by community and police colleagues that his officers are out of control!!!!!

  3. yes thats the one – its been there for years with a lovely selection of yuccas now at full maturity. handy for the bus depot and. . . stockwell tube, theres a fine selection of grim boozers on the wandsworth rd straight out of the sweeny, and a charming cop shop round t’corner on union rd.

    local celeb: author and raconteur will self
    nearest offie: jeffreys road

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  5. What a bunch of amateurs you people really are!! Firstly,the officer involved in the unfortunate death of Mr Tomlinson was not from 5 TSG.secondly,where the hell is the shop next to the 5 TSG base? If I knew where it was I would use it! Lets let the liberal minority take over shall we? You will be screaming for Police intervention within a month my liberal namby pamby friends

  6. Thank you for your post. Unfortunately it doesn’t really make sense.

    Please do come again.

  7. Why does it no make sense? 1)The officer involved in Mr Tomlinsons tragic death is not from 5TSG.2) There is no shop next to the 5TSG bsae and 3) Without Police intervention,we would have anarchy.We Police by consent

  8. No reply BristleKRS? Perhaps being presented with the facts has made you change your mind? Your views are pure guesswork and very very lazy journalism if I may say.Im sure that now you have the facts,you will act upon them and clarify/amend your previous posts?

  9. No reply????

  10. Perhaps being presented with the facts…

    Which facts would those be, then?

    This is a joint venture with others concerned at the death of Ian Tomlinson and its investigation. There is no pretence of inside, secret or professional knowledge, simply open and frank discussion and inquiry.

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