G20 Police Witnesses IDed: Was FIT Cop PC Alan Palfrey EK127 there?

Deconstructing PC Alan Palfrey EK127

Above is a picture of PC Alan Palfrey (shoulder number EK127), taken at the Saturday 28th March anti-G20 march, as published on the FITwatch blog. I have cut out enlarged portions of the original full-size picture to make some details more easy to notice.

As you can see, he is wearing a hi-viz jacket which, whilst not bearing the usual Forward Intelligence Team blue flashing over the chest, does still bear the FIT blue colours in the checker board pattern running along the bottom edge, in the cross hatching over the fluorescent strips, and on the panel over the back (visible over his left shoulder).

PC Alan Palfrey EK127You can also see the distinctive facial hair he was wearing just four days prior to the deadly assault on Ian Tomlinson: a neatly trimmed ‘Van Dyck’ or Colonel Sanders-type combination of moustache and some kind of goatee.

Take note also of his glasses, which are also clearly visible in the other, earlier, undated picture of Palfrey (see right – also taken from FITwatch). In that picture it is also easy to see how he appears to favour a particularly tight knot in his tie.

Now consider these pictures from the assault by a Metropolitan Police TSG constable on Ian Tomlinson on 1st April. They are enlarged extracts from various pieces of video footage and stills photographs of the incident, focusing on an individual officer labelled in recent posts as ‘F1’:

Zoom in of G20 officer F1 - PC Alan Palfrey?

Did PC Alan Palfrey witness the deadly Ian Tomlinson assault?


This whole post is based on the lead provided by the FITwatch bloggers, who named PC Alan Palfrey as one of those FIT officers present at the Ian Tomlinson assault, so full credit to them.

Please do check out the FITwatch blog and support the work of FITwatching – not a single group, but an activity. If YOU do not watch the FIT, who else will?


11 responses to “G20 Police Witnesses IDed: Was FIT Cop PC Alan Palfrey EK127 there?

  1. I love it. Particularly the tightly knotted tie.
    Good to see you do your research so thoroughly.

  2. My own quick photoshop analysis, plotting eye, nose, mouth, moustache position on both pics tell me its him. I’d say 90% or higher. Let’s see what the CCTV yields eh?

  3. “does still bear the FIT blue colours in the checker board pattern running along the bottom edge, in the cross hatching over the fluorescent strips, and on the panel over the back”

    I think you’re right on everything except this – the entire Met has that blue checkerboard and crosshatching on their jackets.

  4. Palfrey’s been at a quite a number of demonstrations, including the November 2007 Bash the Rich in Notting Hill. He fancies his sense of humour, though no one else does. Very dubious on the witness stand: his memory is frequently at odds with established facts. Apparently one of the high fliers from the boroughs, he is often found with his mate Pieman Discombe.

  5. Hmm, interesting point Jason – I shall look further into that. But I am sure that the light blue panel on the back (partially visible over Palfrey’s shoulder) is certainly not what might be called ‘standard issue’ across the whole Met.

    Anyway, I guess it is not too important as we are only really trying to illustrate that Palfrey wears or has worn an array of different uniform equipment, generally of FIT issue. The 28th March pics do, after all, show Palfrey wearing a different style of jacket to that worn by ‘F1’ in the 1st April pics.

    Definitely food for thought though, cheers 🙂

  6. Tomorrow I hope to post up some comparison pics of Palfrey and Discombe side by side on the 28th March alongside ‘F1’ and ‘F2’ on the 1st April – whilst by no means conclusive, I think that they definitely demonstrate a possible match. Certainly I can see nothing that positively discounts Discombe from being ‘F2’.

  7. The FIT out on the April 11 March – two from Sutton, Zaffer Mughal from Heathrow (ID14) and Riddick from Brent (QK332) – all wore the normal yellow hi-vis — the FIT chop and change. For example, none of the FIT out for Bash the Rich wore hi-vis or their traditional jackets, being instead clad in black tunics. Even Graham Wettone!

  8. I have a picture of Palfrey from the 1st april earlier in the day wearing the more standard yellow hi viz jacket its possible he changed into the FIT style hi viz later in the day.

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  10. A look at the Fitwatch Blogspot also reveals a comrade has spotted Palfrey, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, when Nicola Foster was assaulted outside the Bank of England on April 2nd.

    Palfrey can be spotted quite plainly in the photo that appeared in the Standard of 17/4/09. See the comments at:


    I’m sure the IPCC have received a written report from Alan on the assault he witnessed……. Either way, where Alan and his weedy moustache go, trouble is never far away.

  11. I think the tight knotted tie is a bit misleading as like the ambulance service used to, the police all wear clip on ties. As for the blue bits on the reflective? The reflective strips on my bike hi viz jacket have the same blue fill ins, so probably more to do with manufacture than styling.

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