‘Metropolitan Police attempts to censor Wikipedia over TSG chart’

Territorial Support Group command structure

The above is a photograph of a chart which shows the organisational structure of the Metropolitan Police’s TSG – the Territorial Support Group – which currently faces a shitstorm of scandal due to its officers involvement in widespread violence at the G20 protests, including the death of Ian Tomlinson and the clearance of the peaceful Climate Camp.

The image was posted to the Wikipedia article on the TSG in early March, but following the G20 protests, it appears to have come to the notice of Scotland Yard, which seemingly wishes to censor its publication:

Hello, this is a message from the Metropolitan Police Service. We respect your right to postings, but on this occassion may we please respectfully request that you kindly remove the organisational chart from this page.
We have received a request from TSG CO20 for it to be removed as it is somewhat out of date, and contains officers names which could compromise their safety.
If you would to talk to a member of the Metropolitan Police Service Territorial Support Group to confirm this request, we would be happy to contact you, directly.
Many thanks indeed. (talk) 08:52, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

(Via Wikipedia discussion page for TSG article)


6 responses to “‘Metropolitan Police attempts to censor Wikipedia over TSG chart’

  1. If you look at the user:talk page for the IP address for the person who left that message it seems they spend a lot of their time on Wikipedia vandalising various articles.

    They’re also a long-term contributer to Wikipedia:


    Must be a tough job at the Met stuck in the office all day with nothing to do but vandalise online encyclopedias.

  2. It’s not just one person, the IP is one of the Met’s proxies, so many different officers’ edits will come up under it.

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  4. You didn’t say whether you’d uploaded it to Wikileaks, so I saved it here on our NL server and uploaded it to Wikileaks as well, just to be on the safe side.

    Excellent bit of work. Police should not be anonymous.

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