Mystery Pic #017

Mystery Pic #017

Guess the film, place your answer in the comments 🙂

Clue: This movie did not win an Oscar.


John Serpico got the right answer – it’s The People That Time Forgot.

The People That Time Forgot title screen


10 responses to “Mystery Pic #017

  1. Ooh that does look familiar. But I can’t work out what it is yet. Something tells me she feels threatened at first, but then is eventually persuaded to share some kind of food.

  2. That’s a pretty fair summary of what’s going on.

    This is the sort of film most people in Britain aged between 70 and 30 have probably seen, but that few would call their favourite (or even be able to recall the cast of)…

  3. It’s something like Beast Master or Red Sonja?

    [Edited to tidy up code]

  4. Well, it’s definitely schlocky, but more science fiction than sword ‘n’ sorcery. Based on a book by a well known (though not high-brow) author…

  5. hmmm. sclocky, sci-fi, based on a book.

    Harlan Ellison – Boy and his Dog. Nope
    Pierre Boulle – Planet of the Apes. Nope
    None of the Phillip K. Dick adaptions
    It’s not Frank Herbert (Dune)
    Don’t think it’s Paddy Chayefsky’s Altered States. (starring “Blair Brown”)
    It’s not William Nolan’s “Logan’s Run”
    Too much cleavage for Schute’s On the Beach.
    Forbidden Planet was based on The Tempest, but Shakespeare is traditionally deemed high-brow.

    This is now officially doing my head in.

    I watched the “Alan Smithee” cut of 1984’s Dune the other day. Even more barking mad than David Lynch’s preferred version.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, all good guesses, but all wrong, I’m afraid…

    Cast your mind back in time – in terms of setting and writing.

  7. John Serpico

    ‘The People That Time Forgot’, sequel to ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ and ‘At The Earth’s Core’.

  8. Dang, you got it in one!

    She was General Zod’s sidekick in Superman II as well…

  9. John Serpico

    The woman pictured is Dana Gillespie who as well as once being an actress is also a respected blues singer. She sang backing vocals on Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars’ album and hung out with Bowie in the early 70’s and had an album of her own produced by Bowie and Mick Ronson called ‘Weren’t Born A Man’.
    ‘The People That Time Forgot’ is based on a pulp novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs better know as the creator of Tarzan, though is of no relation to William Burroughs, he of ‘Naked Lunch’ fame.
    A much better movie that Dana Gillespie was in is ‘Bad Timing’, directed by Nicolas Roeg, in which she played Art Garfunkle’s wife. Check it out one day.
    I’m full of useless crap like this, me.

  10. Sorry, my bad – Dana Gillespie is the actor pictured, I confused her with the other female lead, Sarah Douglas, who played Lady Charlotte Cunningham, and Ursa in Superman II.

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