Mystery Pic #019

Mystery Pic #019

A relatively simple one, place your answers in the comments below, ta 🙂


PhilC got the right answer, it’s Robert Aldrich’s war movie Attack.

Attack title screen


6 responses to “Mystery Pic #019

  1. Is it Attack! Looks like Jack Palance in the foreground and that’s the only WW2 movie I can remember him being in.

  2. You got it in one! Yes, that’s Jack Palance in Robert Aldrich’s Attack, with Eddie Albert to the rear.

  3. Aldrich, of course. I was thinking it was Sam Fuller who directed for some reason.
    I couldn’t get mystery pic nos 18. Do you leave readers twisting in an agony of not knowing if no-one supplies the right answer?
    (I thought it might have been from the remake of Shaft but that was too stupid an answer to submit)

  4. Well, mostly there’s no method to it, I just get bored and post up the answer if it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any bites 😀

    I was surprised no one had a crack at #007 – the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service one – it just seemed like such a massive clue!

    As for #018, I’ll post up a few clues today, and if no one gets it I’ll give the answer tomorrow.

    In the meantime, you might be interested to learn that you are at the top of the leader board:

    (No winner: 7*)
    PhilC: 2
    MatD: 1
    Nigel: 1
    Eugene Byrne: 1
    Eva: 1
    John Serpico: 1

    * This only includes those comps which have closed with no correct answers; there’s still 5 open comps, #s 12-15 & 18.

  5. Damn your eyes those other ones have just diverted me from ‘proper’ work for far too long.
    Is #15 jumanji?
    I want have to introduce a friend who is a big film fan to this but the alpha male in me doesn’t want to lose pole position.

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