Mystery Pic #020

Mystery Pic #020

Please place your answers in the comments below…


PhilC earned his hat-trick on this one, correctly identifying 1969’s The Bridge At Remagen.

The Bridge At Remagen title screen

7 responses to “Mystery Pic #020

  1. Nope, not the 1965 PoW flick directed by Bryan Forbes based on the James Clavell novel about times at Changi gaol, but I suspect you are onto a fruitful line of inquiry…

  2. The Bridge at Remagan

  3. Yep, you got it – that’s George Segal – who starred in both The Bridge At Remagen and King Rat – shaving in the field in the former.

  4. Robert Vaughan was good in this. Elliot Gould was, as usual, annoying. I think it was filmed in Czechoslovakia (as was) during the Prague Spring and the whole production shut down when the Russian tanks rolled in and the cast were locked down in a castle for weeks.

  5. That’s right – I was reading about a play Vaughn wrote about it which was broadcast on Radio 4 – can’t find it online yet…

    I don’t remember Elliot Gould in it though – are you mixing up his performance in A Bridge Too Far with this?

  6. I think you’re right on Gould and I am mixing it up with ABTF.
    I think Segal tries the same schtick as Gould in this film and that’s what has confused me.
    Gould’s most irritating performance is in Escape To Athena. Only M*A*S*H allows me to forgive him this stuff.
    I think Vaughan’s got a new autobiography out which talks about the Remagen film (among other things)

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