Mystery Pic #022

Mystery Pic #022

Place your bets, please… Answers in the comments…


James has correctly identified the film as Wanted.

Wanted title screen


2 responses to “Mystery Pic #022

  1. An easy one – that wretched embarrassment of a movie Wanted.

    David O’Hara, who played Mr X, was also the mad Stephen the Mad Irishman in Braveheart.

    Shame really, the graphic novel was rather well done, but for reasons known only to the producer/director they gutted it and produced this ridiculous bit of nonsense.

    The Mythbusters programme did a good show on bullet bending that’s worth a look.

  2. Yup, a hole in one there James – it’s from the opening laser-dot-on-bindi sequence from the more=pants-than-M&S Wanted.

    I shall have a root around for that Mythbusters I think…

    Though on a bullet-bending tip, did you ever hear about the Krummlauf? It was a curved barrel made for the MP43/StG44, designed for the looming urban warfare on German soil that the collapse of the Eastern Front signaled come the final months of WW2. There was even a rudimentary IR night sight developed for it, the Vampyr!

    (All remembered from a feature in some Battle or Warlord annual, no Googling at all!)

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