Mystery Pic #023

Mystery Pic #023

It’s been too long, chaps; I’ve been neglecting the blog and the pics – please accept my humbles!

So, back in the saddle once more, and I’m almost confident enough to put money on this one… As ever, place your guesses in the comments below 🙂


It’s Emilio Estevez’s Men At Work.


3 responses to “Mystery Pic #023

  1. New to this … Point Break?

    So this would be a collection of Americas best actors? Keanu! Swayze! and wait for it…

    Gary Busey!

  2. Hooray! Looks like the Nixon mask red herring has done its job – good guess, but I’m afraid it’s not wrong… Have another go!

  3. Time’s up!

    Afraid no one got this, it’s from Emilio Estevez’s directorial debut (IIRC) Men At Work.

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