Remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos: Killed by Greek police one year ago today

Today is the first anniversary of the killing of fifteen year old Greek boy Alexandros Grigoropoulos at the hands of the police. A series of protests are planned. It’s likely to get very hairy over in Hellas in December.

If you are on Twitter the hashtag #griots seems to be back in use. If you are not, here’s some useful online resources:

  • After The Greek Riots (activist eyewitness blog in English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian & Polish)
  • Amor Y Resistencia (activist blog based in the Americas, but reported on Greece a lot last December, and might do so again)
  • ClandestinEnglish (English language blog, based in Thessaloniki)
  • Garizo (Greek news aggregator blog, with some posts translated into English)
  • GiaNt (Greek language blog, good for links and pictures)
  • Greek Solidarity Map (mapping demonstrations & occupations across Greece and around the world; seems to have been inactive since last December but might be revived)
  • Katalipsis Xolis Theatrou (Greek language blog from those who occupied the Theatre School in Salonika)
  • LibCom (UK anti-authoritarian site with updates from Greece)
  • Social War In Greece (English language activist blog, translates some of the material coming out; inactive since July but might come back)
  • Teacher Dude’s Grill & BBQ (British teacher & frontline citizen journalist in Thessaloniki)
  • WOMBLES (UK-based anti-authoritarian newswire)

Updated: 6/12/09 @ 2329 GM


2 responses to “Remember Alexandros Grigoropoulos: Killed by Greek police one year ago today

  1. You missed the best source of reports from Greece – check out for excellent regular updates, including 4 today alone.

    It has indeed got very hairy in Greece today, with protests, police brutality and violent clashes occurring across Greece. There have been large numbers of people detained today – over 250 in Athens alone, but note detention is not the same as arrest, many of these may well be released without charge after getting a beating.

    The BBC coverage has been lazy, and only mentioned protests in Athens. They have also swallowed the Greek state’s line about the university rector in Athens being injured by protestors, when in fact his already chronic poor health has worsened as a result of the stress of the day resulting in hospitalisation.

    Mainstream media have failed to report police attacks on marches, including the motorised attack in Athens that left an elderly leftist woman, and former prisoner of the junta (military dictatorship 1967-74) in intensive care. Nor has there been any mention of police breaches of the ‘university asylum’, whereby cops are banned from entering university grounds – this law was introduced after the junta fell in 1974, following the murder of at least 15 students by the junta in November 1973.

    The Greek people, particularily the youth, are not taking this repression without a response, as the large number of marches today shows. Expect more tomorrow!

  2. Cheers for that – I shall amend the list (though LibCom isn’t loading for me at all at the moment).

    Looks like it’s going to be another hot night in Hellas.

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