BristolBloggerGate: Backlash against WordPress censorship builds up head of steam over Sir Howard Newby takedowns

It doesn’t look like the attempt to censor posts on blogs relating to former UWE vice-chancellor Sir Howard Newby has had the desired effect – unless the desired effect was to rake up concerns of Sir Howard’s management style dating back nearly three years.

The EcoLogics blog is reporting on its own WP takedown notice, whilst The Bristol Blogger is back up and running, albeit with the supposedly ‘defamatory’ posts removed from public view.

Similar articles published outside of’s blogs are still up – such as the piece on DC’s Improbable Science from 2007 and titbits published in Private Eye and transcribed onto Facebook – so exactly what was the point of trying to strong-arm WP bloggers, and just what does WordPress think it’s doing?

6 responses to “BristolBloggerGate: Backlash against WordPress censorship builds up head of steam over Sir Howard Newby takedowns

  1. There could be all sorts of double (or triple+) bluffs going on here.

    First only an idiot would try to suppress an alleged defamation by a blogger on the internet by threatening legal action, especially after Carter Ruck/Trafigura.

    So is Howard Newby such an idiot? Or is he even the complainant?

    Might someone clever who wanted to stir things up have realised that complaining to WordPress about the alleged defamation would be a very good way of bringing it all back up to the surface?

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  5. workpressite


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