BristolBloggerGate: What would Jon Snow think of his old university trying to silence internet critics of Sir Howard Newby?

This BristolBloggerGate thing is rumbling on and on and on – it now appears that the party demanding that take down blog posts on the issue (scalps so far: The Bristol Blogger, EcoLogics and Sir Howard Newby Watch) is not former UWE vice chancellor Sir Howard Newby but instead his current employer the University of Liverpool!

I wonder what former Liverpool student and current Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow – who is also a patron of Media Defence Legal Initiative, which provides “legal support to journalists and media outlets who seek to protect their right to freedom of expression” – makes of all this…

5 responses to “BristolBloggerGate: What would Jon Snow think of his old university trying to silence internet critics of Sir Howard Newby?

  1. thebristolblogger

    Full name and address of the complainant is:

    Mr Kevan Ryan
    Director of Legal Services
    The University of Liverpool
    The Foundation Building
    765 Brownlow Hill
    Liverpool L69 7ZX

    It’s nice to know the taxpayers paying to protect Sir Howard from questions over his private business affairs isn’t it?

  2. According to the University of Liverpool website, Mr Ryan’s email address would appear to be:

    Judging by the weather forecast, whilst it will be rather cold in Liverpool today, there will only be mild snow flurries in the night, so hopefully Mr Ryan will be able to make it in to work, and hence answer the no doubt numerous email enquiries from people wishing to have clarified for them the involvement of the University in censoring critics of Sir Howard.

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  4. ManofConscience

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing!

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