BristolBloggerGate: Wot Private Eye said about Sir Howard Newby back in 2007…

So BristolBloggerGate is rumbling on, and I decided to check through my Private Eye collection, and lo! I turned up a copy from 2007 (no.1185, 25th May-7th June) which mentions then-University of the West of England vice-chancellor Sir Howard Newby in its ‘High Principals’ section. What’s interesting is that the suppressed posts on The Bristol Blogger and on EcoLogics cover much the same concerns, as any fule with the nous to try a cache search will be able to tell you.

So in the words of teh y00t, wagwan WordPress?

6 responses to “BristolBloggerGate: Wot Private Eye said about Sir Howard Newby back in 2007…

  1. thebristolblogger

    According to WordPress there are “false and defamatory statements” in that Eye article.

    Ha, ha, ha!

    But wait! WordPress say: “This (the defamatory statements) was checked and we agreed with the complaint.”

    Who the fuck did they check with? Do they retain the Muppets as lawyers?

    Bloody Americans. Fucking useless at everything.

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