Bristol’s Big Freeze: The word on the blogosphere

I thought I’d collect together all the local blog posts on the recent cold snap that I can find in one handy spot for your reading pleasure…

Aurea Mediocritas (Tony D)

Bristle’s Blog From The BunKRS

Bristol 24/7

Bristol Blogger

Bristol Traffic

Charlie Bolton’s Southville Blog

The Enemies Of Reason (Anton Vowl)

Eugene Byrne

Green Bristol Blog (Chris Hutt)

People’s Republic Of Stokes Croft

Stockwood Pete

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything out in the comments below, cheers 🙂

And wrap up warm!

6 responses to “Bristol’s Big Freeze: The word on the blogosphere

  1. You missed my blog post of 4th Jan, way ahead of the pack (and the snow). It was inspired by a premonition you know.

  2. thebristolblogger

    A week’s a long time in politics … There’s still talk on there of liability if you grit pavements!

  3. Never mind a week’s a long time – the snow-clearing liability claim appeared in parliament at least 5 years ago, so why’s it taken so long to challenge seriously? Shouldn’t be surprised that it has spread a bit in five years.

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