Nearly there…

Right, so I’ve said this before, but I am almost definitely back in the blogging saddle. Had quite a lot of RL stuff to sort out lately, plus some other projects I needed to attend to, but that’s mostly under control now, and I shall shortly get my AIG and plod on with presenting pointless screengrabs and scratching out overly long sentences about things you don’t really care about.

In the meantime I’ve tidied up the sidebar over yonder – hidden away the byzantine category list into a dropdown menu, and resorted the blogroll so that each blog only appears once (except for a few exalted favourites which get doublebilled in ‘6 Of The Best’, which, obviously, is not quite decided upon yet.

With luck I’ll have time to finish that off, add a few more to the blogroll, and maybe bang out some posts that have been on ice, like, forever.

Jeez, who knew wasting time on the interwebz could take so much effort?


3 responses to “Nearly there…

  1. Almost definitely looking forward to your posts!

  2. hello mate. i hope you haven’t given up already!

    i’ve just joined you in the blogging saddle, so hopefully you might see a few blogs from me soon…

  3. Welcome to the fray! No, I’ve not given up, it’s just my bloody computer died! Am waiting for it to get fixed…

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