The Internet Careers Advice Bureau is now OPEN: Today’s client – G20 assault cop Sergeant Delroy Smellie

With the trial of G20 assault cop Sergeant Smellie nearly over, it would appear prudent to investigate some possible career moves for Delroy the Trotter.

So far the Twitter hashtag #NewCareersForSergeantSmellie has thrown up the following suggestions:

  • Pro tennis player (strong backhand)
  • Prosecution lawyer for Simpson retrial (he hates OJ)
  • PE teacher at Catholic diocesan school
  • Head of Physical Therapy, Guantanamo Bay Retirement Home
  • Team leader, West Midlands Serious Crime Squad (reformed)
  • Angling licence superintendent at private lake (very tough with Fishers)
  • ‘Driver’ for Robert De Niro (post soon to be available)

Add your ideas here or on Twitter – together we can help this 6′ 5″, eighteen stone shrinking violet a suitable new position.

[Cheers to @Raxscallion for their input!]

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