Bristol City Council in asset stripping scandal!

News reaches the BunKRS that there’s a bunfight brewing over a possibly ill-judged decision to hire out of the Council-owned and managed City Museum for the launch party of a modern art showcase – featuring a striptease by noted burlesque star Dita Von Teese!

Furious emails have been bandied back and forth between “independent public policy professional” Helen Mott of the Bristol Fawcett Society and various council officers after she spotted a mention of a less-than-fully-clothed performance in Bristol on Dita’s website (whilst cruising for research purposes, no doubt). Disgruntled ex-council leader and current Labour group gauleiter Helen Holland has already scented the sweet smell of party political catnip and has spent the past few days stirring things up.

Asks Ms Mott, “What will be next, a private party at the Council House where the Black and White Minstrels are invited to perform?” Well, if the Tories’ Bunter Eddy has his way

The ‘strip show’ – which was to take place on Friday 30th April – appears to have been cancelled, though the exhibition is still set to start on Saturday 15th May. [ETA: It seems that the launch party will still be going ahead, just postponed.]

So far the LibDem leadership seems to have kept themselves out of the firing line, leaving the likes of Paul Taylor (head of the chief executive’s office) and licensing manager Pauline Powell to soak up the bullets, but with general election madness in the air, how long before it turns into another Coconutgate or Astley Fiasco? Especially as Powell has already dropped deputy leader Cllr Simon Cook in the shit by admitting he had been briefed about the issue before the two Helens got on the case…


That bloody Barlow got his story up two minutes before mine, the swine! He’s also the one suggesting that Ms von Teese’s performance has been postponed, not cancelled.


3 responses to “Bristol City Council in asset stripping scandal!

  1. [Comment removed at request of Helen Mott]

  2. Hi Helen

    “I know you tweeted that you’d like to be a gender equality consultant too, and wanted to know what qualifications you’d need.”

    Actually I didn’t. I think you might be confusing me with James Barlow, but I guess that’s an easy mistake to make if you’re a PhD with Far More Important Things To Worry About.

    Good Luck!


  3. Helen Mott

    [Comment removed at request of Helen Mott]

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