Wildstyle: Camping the proper way

Just reading about ‘wild camping‘ after catching mention of it by Forest Pines on their Symbolic Forest blog. I knew that it’d been getting harder and harder to camp properly in the UK, with a camp fire, out in the open, you and the elements etc; I just hadn’t appreciated how hard it had become. Still, with all this lovely weather, I’m working up a hankering.

I’m even getting nostalgic for those ersatz wild camps at Broadstone Warren, pretending to be members of a phantom Venture Scout troop in order to make use of its incredibly cheap charges and seemingly endless woods, cooking under the stars, foraging for wood, sleeping under a basha, having accidents with sharp implements… Halcyon days.


3 responses to “Wildstyle: Camping the proper way

  1. Trade off. Can’t squat buildings in Scotland, but can camp and walk pretty much anywhere.
    Makes no sense considering the weather we have but.

  2. Colonised by wankers and all, sorry about that!

  3. Na, that only bugs me during August. As if the tourists weren’t bad enough, we’ve got the ex-bosses of BP and the Met coming here to flog their books.

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