‘Ian Tomlinson, who’s he?’ – Full text of the letter issued by PC Simon Harwood’s solicitors to the media

Here’s the full text of the letter issued to the media by lawyers Reynolds Dawson on behalf of PC Simon Harwood, the Territorial Support Group police officer not being charged by the Crown Prosecution Service in connection with the death of Ian Tomlinson:

To all editors


Dear Sirs,


We are the solicitors for PC Simon Harwood. Attached to this letter is a photograph of our client.

There has of course been significant mainstream media interest arising from our client’s involvement in the policing of the G20 protests, as well as a great deal of threatening material published about him on the internet which has caused him and his family great concern.

Nevertheless, he is aware that the media will not allow his family and neighbours any peace until it has a photograph of him, and he has taken the view that the only way to protect them from harassment by the photographers camped outside their addresses is to provide one. At least then the responsible media will have no justification for further encroachment. We need not remind the press of their obligations in this regard under the PCC Code of Practice.

For the avoidance of doubt, it would be inappropriate for PC Harwood to comment publicly on the Director of Public Prosecution’s decision or on other proceedings in the way that others have chosen to. Accordingly, there could be no legitimate purpose in approaching PC Harwood for further comment.

Yours faithfully,


Pic: Rikki IndyMedia

Blog reports on the Justice for Ian Tomlinson demonstration in London yesterday:

Let me know if I have missed any.


Thank you to commenters milgram (Edinburgh Anarchists) and boyfromfishponds (Bristol Class War) for providing links to reports on pickets outside of London:


5 responses to “‘Ian Tomlinson, who’s he?’ – Full text of the letter issued by PC Simon Harwood’s solicitors to the media

  1. Thanks for posting this info … as they say … to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Time will tell.

  2. Not on the same scale as London obv. but there was a small picket in Edinburgh at the same time:

  3. I think it’s all acorns and oaks, milgram.

    So long as we keep reminding people of what happened – and point out that this could easily happen again, to someone else’s father, mother, brother, sister – then in some way we might keep alive the memory of Ian Tomlinson.

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