“Andy Coulson is guilty” says Roy Greenslade

So I went to the ‘What’s The Blogging Story?‘ event at the Watershed I mentioned earlier. Bit of a curate’s egg, really – some interesting panelists, but very little chance to actually talk about blogging, the social web or much else. Frankly it was not worth the seven quid I paid to go.

Ex-Mirror editor-turned-Guardian media pundit Roy Greenslade had a stab at being a bit quote-worthy on former News Of The World boss-turned-Tory spin king Andy Coulson and his involvement (or otherwise) in the hacker scandal*:

Just go to Coulson now… The only reason anyone can get hot under the collar about Andy Coulson is because The Guardian have exposed him. Because they have exposed him, because The Independent have taken it up as a big cause as well.

Now that’s a perfect example of the way in which the other press, self-interestedly, because they either support the Tories, or they support Rupert Murdoch, covertly, allow this to go forward.

But there’s plenty of stuff on the net about Coulson, plenty of material available, and I think that… By the way, we haven’t dropped the Coulson thing, none of us have dropped the Coulson thing. I mean, I know the guy is guilty. Is that being tweeted?

I know, I know, I know an editor must have known. I do, I do, I did say on a public platform recently that it is either a case that he knew, and therefore is lying, or it is a case that he didn’t know, and is therefore the most incompetent editor Fleet Street has ever known. Is that being tweeted? Because that’s the truth of the situation.

So he’s either a liar or incompetent, and therefore he shouldn’t be director of communications of our Prime Minister’s office. And we will pursue this.

I think that the line-up went something like this…



2nd table:

Download Greenslade’s Coulson soundbite | Download audio of whole event (approximately 2hrs/107MB)

I’ve been mulling over tonight, and will back up a few thoughts tomorrow if I get the chance.

* The scandal being so many papers – tabloids and broadsheets alike – were/are at it.


I’ve been out of the blogging saddle awhile, so that I’ve been tweaking this post so much I’ve given it jogger’s nipple, soz.


5 responses to ““Andy Coulson is guilty” says Roy Greenslade

  1. Hi, interesting report and I agree, not much time to talk. That’s all happening today down at the Pervasive Media Studio (Harbourside, by the Explore cafe) with two workshops, one about planning for international action on media standards and the other about the interface between blogging and journalism. They are specifically for talking and last till 4 pm today – I’m chairing the second one (starts at 2). They are *free*. Hope you can come. Also – useful tweets last night. Also – did you notice how many women were there? More than half, I reckon.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t make the events today as I am looking after the babber and Pervasive is not very child-friendly (plus it’s pissing down!). I hope it goes well.

  3. thebristolblogger

    Let’s face it, Greenslade’s judgment ain’t all that.

    Presumably he thought “Scargill is guilty” at some point?

  4. Hey, daddio, he’s a new media hepcat now, breeze off with all that Fat Bob history lesson jazz, you square!

  5. thebristolblogger

    BTW, is Sunny Hundal as thick in real life?

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