Remember Ian Tomlinson – killed by cops at 2009 G20: benefit CD

Harry from anarchist magazine Now Or Never (which is a rather jolly affair and pleasingly not of the po-faced variety) has been in touch to plug the Ian Tomlinson benefit CD that they are selling.

Lest you forget, Ian Tomlinson was an ordinary chap killed on his way home after being attacked by a police dog, beaten with a baton and then shoved to the ground by Territorial Support Group cop Simon Harwood.

This afternoon it will have been 583 days since Ian died, 583 days his family and friends have been without him, 583 days in which no one has been held to account for his death.

The Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign aims to bring those culpable to justice. But justice is a rich man’s game, so please do show your support, either by donating to the campaign through the PayPal link on their website, or by buying this CD for just £6, put together by the Norfolk Community Action Group. At least £5 from every CD goes to the campaign.

Let’s make sure every death at police hands is never forgotten, always avenged.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Robb Johnson – “Someone Else Can Save The World”
  2. Cosmo – “How Many Flags?”
  3. Neon – “Poison”
  4. Tommy Pirate – “For Tonight We Are The Revolution”
  5. Graveyard Johnnys – “Never Get Me”
  6. Graveyard Johnnys – “The Wasted”
  7. The Oppressed – “ACAB”
  8. The Oppressed – “Gun Law”
  9. The Restarts – “Dead Inside”
  10. Ska Ta Brain – “Ska To Brain”
  11. Ska Ta Brain – “Waste Away”
  12. The Cleaners – “Last Stand”
  13. The Cleaners – “No Compromise”
  14. Dub Revolution featuring Stamina Li – “Shoot First”

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