The youth are revolting! #dayx2 – DON’T CHAT TO FEDS!

Banner at Trafalgar Square from today’s London end of the #dayx2 anti-cuts protest, screencapped from excellent vid by The Gabber:

Plenty of great, inspiring, take-no-shit-from-cops action across the country.

Here in Bristol around 2,000 people played cat-and-mouse with police, streaking across town from College Green, through the University precinct, into Broadmead and Cabot Circus, taking over roads and streets… I hear there was something of a kettle towards the end, but for the most part it was a highly mobile and militant mob which one step ahead of attempts to contain it. Well done people!

One response to “The youth are revolting! #dayx2 – DON’T CHAT TO FEDS!

  1. All this was going on while New Labour wrecked the economy for the sake of fat cats. So why have bourgeoise students taken until now to rebel? Is it because the government now includes thre dreaded Tory word?

    I come from the age when today’s university educated politicans, media elite and fat cats were posturing as revoluitionaries.

    Sadly, for me, i never lost my interest in truth. These protestors include very few idealsits, just as they did not in my day.

    Having said that, our education system at all levels is a shambles and shamlessly concerned with social engineering in the priimary and secondary sectors. In the higher edcuation sector, it is all about prifiteering at teh expense of the gullible student..

    Most degrees won’t help anyone get a good job. But the right social background counts just as much as ever it did.

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