News of the World phonehacking scandal: “Edmondson definitely isn’t going to grass up Coulson”

So, Ian Edmondson, assistant editor of the News Of The World newspaper currently embroiled in the phonehacking imbroglio, has had his lawyers put out a letter to emphasise that the reason ex-NOTW editor Andy Coulson today resigned from his lucrative role as Tory spin doctor is definitely not that Edmondson was going to “turn Coulson in”.

Phew! As long as we’re clear on that – and thanks to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger tweeting a copy of the letter there can be no doubt that many more people know that it would be entirely improper to so much as think that the reason renowned bully Andy Coulson jumped ship had anything to do with the possibility that ex-acolyte Edmondson was ready to spill the beans.

Media House,
4 Stratford Place,
London W1C 1AT
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7355 8900
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7355 8901

Our ref: EP/pw/E001-003
Date: 21st January 2011



Ian Edmondson (News of the World)

This firm represents Ian Edmondson and, following the resignation of Andy Coulson today, there has been suggestion that Mr Coulson resigned because our client “…was about to turn Coulson in…”.

This is to notify you that such an allegation is entirely false and defamatory and we have instructions to take appropriate action in relation to that statement and any repetition of it.

All our client’s rights and remedies are fully reserved.

Mr Edmondson requests that any and all enquiries directed to him should be addressed to this firm and, in that regards, the following emails will be of assistance:

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.



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