“What’s that, then – ‘happy birthday’?


I want to send a telegram to-

Can I have your number please?

Uh, 7-6-2-4-3-4-1-X

The name of the person you’re sending it to?

Wednicki: W-E-D-N-I-C-K-I.

And the address?

MS Warszawa: W-A-R-S-Z-A-W-A. Is a ship due in shortly. Port of London, Millwall Dock.

Thank you. At what rate, please?


And the message?

Two words. ‘Ty zginesz’. T-Y Z-G-I-N-E-S-Z.

No signature?


Insert forty pence in the box, please.

<4 x 10p inserted>

Your greetings telegram to Wednicki, MS Warszawa, Millwall Dock, Port of London. The message reads, ‘T-Y, Z-G-I-N-E-S-Z’.


What’s that, then – ‘happy birthday’?

No. It means, ‘you will die’.

From Special Branch S3E5, ‘Polonaise‘.

PS Google Translate has ‘ty zginesz’ down as ‘you bend’.


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