The Leveson Inquiry – sketched

You have to check these out – Isabeau Doucet (“freelance journalist, storyteller, visual artist, TV producer, anthropology grad, and hack-of-all trades”) has been attending the Leveson Inquiry, and whilst drinking in the evidence, she has also been sketching portraits of some of the witnesses and other players in the drama.

There is some great work there: I particularly like Onan the Barbarian himself, Neville Thurlbeck (looking magnificently not-of-this-age). I urge you to check the whole lot out yourself.

And there could be more – Isabeau has mentioned on Twitter that she might turn it all into a comic strip…


6 responses to “The Leveson Inquiry – sketched

  1. Thanks for sharing the drawings! It’s funny to see Piers Morgan – the man who wasn’t really there (and didn’t really tell the truth) – alongside my courtroom sketch. What an infuriating session that was. Yes, I’ve no experience with actual comic books, but have always wanted to find a way of combining my journalism and my penchant for visual arts. So far, tv producing, filming and editing is as close as I’ve come, but the troves of complicated scandalous info coming out now is inspiring my penchant for narrative and aesthetic muckraking!

  2. Perhaps someone/some group/some publisher like Last Hours might be interested? They’ve put out a couple of interesting comic books recently, with good quality printing/binding/paper stock etc, and an eye on current affairs. (Also on Twitter as @LastHours.)

    Other publishers that spring to mind include Soft Skull, AK Press and Fantagraphics – I could picture this sort of project published by any of them.

  3. Great drawings! I love the deeply authentic look of shifty discomfort that Isabeau has captured…

  4. I think “shifty discomfort” is definitely the right phrase!

  5. If you are interested in press freedom here is a great debate by Worldbytes, where volunteers consider the Counter Leveson Inquiry, a campaign launched by the online journal Spiked. Journalist Patrick Hayes challenges participants not to go along with the inquiry’s dangerous assumptions. He argues that free speech and a free press with no ‘buts’ are essential for democracy.

  6. TBF Hayes is a dick, Spiked is shit and I wouldn’t wipe yours with IoI.

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