JUSTICE? Carshalton killer cop PC Simon Harwood acquitted




2 responses to “JUSTICE? Carshalton killer cop PC Simon Harwood acquitted

  1. bomby biggs

    Why aren;t the Met under investigation over their policy of letting officers resign before the shit hits the fan, and then re-instating them.This piece of human detritus has got away with this sort of behaviour before. He makes the job of every decent officer so much harder

  2. I am on pain of 5 years in prison and an unlimited fine if I talk or write about my issues with a senior police officer and what his force did to me- making it impossible for me to continue in my profession, ruining mine and my eldest son’s lives. New police friendly rules stopped the press reporting my side of the story. That is police state Britain. Don’t you just love it.

    I wrote the song ‘Killer Cop’ immediately after Ian Tomlinson was kiilled and it may still be on this site. I was beaten up after singing it in trendy MK Stiony Stratord Vaults Bar. The poilice were called and 15 witnesses, including off duty cops, said I had got in the face of the man who beat me up.

    No charges were pressed against my assailant and records were made about me. I am an established writer and member of the London Freelance Chapel of the NUJ- not that I have respect for contemporary press release driven, arrogant self seeking journalists who have so much in common with the police and police state.

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