2013 – unlucky for some

Well, for no reason in particular I’m going to have a crack at nailing at least one post a day in 2013. Why not, eh.

That said, not really got anything interesting to impart today. Eugene Byrne, however, has. Go check out his post on workhouses.

Personally I reckon that it’s high time the political right started calling for the return of the workhouse. I’ll write you the script:

First, you get some think-tank to source and publish “research” that shows that by late Victorian times, the parish workhouse wasn’t nearly as awful as Dickens portrayed it a generation earlier. Then some politicians wade in to start a “debate”. Workhouses would be more “fair” to the taxpayer as every able-bodied inmate would be obliged to work for their keep. You know, they might even ultimately be cost-neutral for the taxpayer as private companies would obviously want to pay for use of a pool of cheap labour. And the workhouse would provide them with food and accommodation so the national welfare bill would be reduced. Obviously there would be initial costs in building and running them, but this can be done very competitively by the private sector on PFI contracts[…]

Best wishes to you and yours; and here’s hoping enough of us make it through to the other end of this year, no matter how much shit these bastards sling our way.


2 responses to “2013 – unlucky for some

  1. Thanks for the plug, and happy new year!

  2. Nae worries – here’s to a less crappy 13!

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