Magic Eye Pics #002: David Wooding (ex-NOTW)

Magic Eye Pics #002: David Wooding (ex-NOTW)

Okay, so the New Of The Screws was wound up two Summers ago. That doesn’t lessen how irritating the then-NOTW Political Editor David Wooding was during the whole Milly Dowler phonehacking shitstorm, popping up on our TV screens outside Fortress Wapping to explain that basically News International single-handedly keep Britain Great, etc.

His whining increased inexorably after the paper’s closure, especially after the backtrack on the ‘false hope’ allegations (because apparently hacking into the voicemail of missing/dead teenagers is fine in and of itself), and like his estimable sticky-fisted colleague Norbert Spermmousse Neville Thurlbeck seemed to revel in this brief moment in the spotlight, building himself up as some kind of classical music-loving Renaissance Man/saviour of the free press.

Landed on his feet as a Tory flag-waver and Associate Political Editor at The Sun. Who’da thunk it?


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