My first Lego set revisited – Berlin style

Lego 920 Launch Pad

Whilst in sunny Berlin over the weekend I found myself in the somewhat overpriced and undercleaned palace of fun that is the – and I quote – “LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin” in Potsdamer Platz.

In between scowling at hypercaffeinated junior Teutons and trying to explain to my own blubby pension plan the concept of height restricted rides, I spotted a small display of vintage Lego sets, including the very first one I ever got, which I now know is called the ‘920 Launch Pad‘.

Looking back now and it is clearly a lot less complex than it seemed to seven year old KRS. That said: marvel at the lack of special bricks – this baby is virtually all standard bits. Got to love that. So was the ‘383 Knights’ Joust‘ set, which I also owned; imagine having to build your horses!

For completeness’ sake and for reasons of full disclosure, the only other Lego big box I had was the ‘6386 Police Command Base


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