Support your friendly local ex-Angry Brigader!

I haven’t posted for ages. Very busy with home and work and all that jazz.

But this is worth your time – and your money, I think.

John Barker – former Stoke Newington Eight defendant and convicted ‘Angry Brigade‘ prisoner – wrote a novel called Futures. It was about the 1987 Great Storm, the subsequent Black Monday stock market crash, criminals, corrupt cops and cocaine. It was published in French and German.

Now he and publisher PM Press (which in 2010 republished the classic Gordon Carr text The Angry Brigade with extensive new material, and has also published an impressive twovolume account of the Rot Armee Fraktion amongst many other interesting titles) wish to release it in English for the first time.

To do this they need to raise £5,000. In one lump sum, that’s a daunting task. But crowdfunded by dozens or hundreds of donors – each of whom will be rewarded in kind – it is much more easily achievable.

The pot is nearly full, but there are only 24 hours to go. So please consider throwing a fiver or a tenner or more into the pot at the Futures Kickstarter page.

2 responses to “Support your friendly local ex-Angry Brigader!

  1. ackneyinnit

    Reblogged this on The Radical History of Hackney and commented:
    Bristle linked to my Angry Brigade entry through this post which I am reblogging. John Barker still lives in Hackney as far as I know. At the time of writing the project was a few hundred pounds away from completion.

    His prison memoirs “Bending The Bars” are also worth reading.
    Worth contributing to if you want to support independent radical publishing and like the sound of the book.

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