On Alan Clarke (revisited)…

Ages back I wrote about director Alan Clarke and some of his films.

Recently I found a couple of interesting videos about his work – one featuring an interview with former soldier AFN Clarke, whose military memoir Contact  became the basis for his near-namesake’s tense, almost dialogue-free, television drama about a British Army patrol in Northern Ireland; the other looking at Clarkie’s latter-day fondness for Steadicams and the walking intro. Both are worth a watch.


One response to “On Alan Clarke (revisited)…

  1. A couple of interesting, tangentially-linked videos thrown up by the YT algorithms…

    Actor Sean Chapman talking about his role in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, touching on his early work with Clarkie:

    Fascinating mid-seventies documentary from the Panorama strand about the mainly rural and Republican border area of Northern Ireland, South Armagh: Bandit Country (tx date given variously as 12 January 1975, January 1976, or 21 April 1076).

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