Coexist vs COVID: cheap food to raise funds for free food

At times like these, I really miss Bristol… This Thursday (2nd October) the Coexist Supper Club takeaway will be a Kurdish feast courtesy of guest chef Arash:

Kurdish Dolma- rice stuffed Trinity Centre Garden vine leaves cooked in a rich, tomato sauce

Green falafel and charred asparagus, leeks and courgettes


Kurdish shepherd’s salad

Samoon – Kurdish flatbread (g)

Not too shabby for barely a tenner!

Funds raised through the supper club go towards Coexist Community Kitchen‘s ongoing COVID-19 food provisions service, providing hundreds of ready-to-eat or easy-to-reheat meals to people in the city facing hard times thanks to The Fucking Pandemic And General Imminent Societal Collapse.

Definitely worse things you could do, and the idea of a cheap feed for a good cause from a kitchen in East Bristol rings the nostalgia bell for me – having spent many a Thursday night yarning at the Kebele Kafé. Thankfully I see that whilst Kebele changed its name to BASE, the community food angle lives on, with its own COVID food solidarity efforts and the much-loved Sunday lunch continuing.

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