About BristleKRS

…Me, myself & I

I am BristleKRS. The reasoning behind this is that my name is Chris, and I live in St. Paul’s, Bristol (“Kent by birth, Bristol by choice”).

My principal interests are doing fun things with nice people.

My current bugbears are Bristol City Council, Knightstone Housing Association, and local dealers André and Liam, as well as their assorted sub-contractors and customers (The Whistler, Shouty Crack, Bouffant, Paleface, Skinny etc). STFU!

…Contacting me

I am very easily contactable. If you do need to get in touch, then I’m sure you can find me.

7 responses to “About BristleKRS

  1. Liz Goncalves

    Hi Bristle KRS,

    Where did you get the image of the DJ Kool Herc flyer for the August 11, 1973 party on an index card from?!

    212-206-8633 x3882

  2. It’s from the NY Times article referred to in the original blog post.

  3. [Sorted BristolKRS (see above). Thanks for the feedback.

    Exactly my point, I don’t think PRs (ourselves included) really understand the full extent of the blogging community out there. So we decided to map the lot, whilst doing the day job… 😦

    Media disk and various other pieces of PR software seldom pick out blogs (if any) but if they do they tend to be obvious ones.]

  4. Hello, it’s Coops from BEP. I see i’m on your blog roll – cheers, except it’s the wrong one, one which i stupidly deleted – duh…. So the new address (for a new blog, with little on it, so far, i admit) is http://coops.typepad.com

  5. No worries, I shall amend the blogroll.

    But Typepad – seriously? Why pay when you get all the functionality you can shake a stick at on WordPress for free? Weirdo!

  6. Hi Chris,

    I don’t suppose you could stick up a link to a new website I’ve been working on that goes live on Monday 26th July – advicewest.org.uk. It’s a directory of advice agencies in and around Bristol that give free confidential high-quality legal advice – now its built I need to spread the word!



  7. The Galloway stuff is pretty obvious spook/ cop meat and potatoes. Hey but what a mug Galloway is turning out to be. The conscious of the brotherhood at work blinding gorgeous to the most obvious of insider spooks. Idiot.
    Now what about Sir Jimmy and the colluders, arrests are imminent we’re told?

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