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Teh houmous

Shellshock & Awe – kiddie edition

How did I miss this at the time? A mind-blowing piece of agitprop/art put together by Darren Cullen with director Price James and others for Veterans For Peace UK back in 2015.

As a childhood fan of Action Man, a would-be boy soldier (but for OfC cutbacks and downsizing), and yet also of a certain political persuasion, I find it utterly chilling. I hope that it helped VfP get its message across.

Plenty of other great stuff on Cullen’s website too, and he has a short exhibition of new sculptures up in That There Lunnon at the beginning of October.

H/T: John Freeman at Down The Tubes

Judgement on Trumpton..?


HT @pauljholden via Dan Whitehead

Kerry McCarthy in The Rangoonies

The Rangoonies

Inspired by this on the new super soaraway Bristolian website (apologies for poor execution)…

What’s your poisson? Best April Fool’s pranks of the day

A couple in particular have tickled me today.

First off there was Bristol Culture with its ‘Costa Coffee takes over Brunel’s Buttery‘ story – just all too believable! I worked myself into a proper rage before I realised…

Then there’s arthouse video specialists Criterion, who went with a pair of Arnie-themed chain-yankers – firstly with a picture of Akira Kurosawa visiting Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of Kindergarten Cop, and then the exciting news that that very film would be getting the full on three disc special edition treatment (“New audio commentary featuring Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, author of It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Can Teach Us”).

Any other decent ones you’ve come across?

“I’ve been to a few protests back in my day!” – shit the FBI says…

Courtesy of Will Potter at the anti-greenscare blog Green Is The New Red

Psycho Killer: Fah-fah-fah-fah-FFS; or, how a working day can descend into Twitter debate & serendipitous listenings

Whilst working hard at Wilder Street Studio yesterday I got into an online argument/discussion via Twitter with Jelly Eli, Alex Happe and Nigel Legg over the best version of ‘Psycho Killer’…

Consensus seemed to be that the Talking Heads themselves had provided the definitive one, at least when one considers the refinement they managed to put into it by the time of the Jonathan Demme concert film Stop Making Sense and its accompanying edit…

Eli and I put up a stiff fight on behalf of anti-Thatcher acappella group The Flying Pickets (remember massively sideburned Brian Hibbard from Making Out and Twin Town?) – it turns out we’re both fans of the ‘Lost Boys‘ album – whose own interpretation is a classic in its own right:

Eli also dug out a punchy but otherwise pedestrian cover by addled rock supergroup Velvet Revolver

…a rather peculiar one by Aussie singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke

…and this marvellously silly run-through by Brazilian psychobilly band The Elektrobillys…

…whilst I uncovered this gem by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain:

However, in what I can only describe as magickal happenstance, last night at home I happened to be listening to some old episodes of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue when up popped Tim Brooke-Taylor in ‘One Song To The Tune Of Another’ with what might be the doozy of them all – David Byrne’s lyrics warbled over the top of a Gilbert & Sullivan melody…

NB If you’re enamoured of odd cover versions, karaoke classics, reinterpretations and interpolations, then you may be interested in my old UnderCover podcasts…

A hogstage to fortune: When spam attacks

Sometimes spam comments can be almost entertaining.


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