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Occasional snippets that probably reveal too much about my rather banal and empty life

My tenth Twitter birthday

That first tweet is, in its own modest sub-140 characters way, rather mid-noughties 😀

I was an enthusiastic early adopter of microblogging, and whilst Twitter was not – certainly in the early days – the best of its kind,* it reached user critical mass fastest, making it the most useful, and helping achieve both stickiness and longevity.

To my mind its ‘real world’ usefulness first properly emerged in 2009 (though it had proved useful in quickly gathering and disseminating information in the aftermath of the murder by Greek police of fifteen year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in December 2008). In February I went to the BrisTwestival, a meatspace meet-up building on local tweetups. In April and May various media organisations, including The Guardian, the BBC and The Times, equipped its journalists with Twitter accounts and sent them forth onto the streets of London to report on the various G20-related protests; among them was Paul Lewis, who would end up securing the eyewitness account and video that blew apart the Metropolitan Police’s fabricated narrative surrounding the death of Ian Tomlinson. In October Twitter users were instrumental weakening the impact of the Trafigura superinjunction.

Since then it has, of course, become the platform of choice for narcissists, stalkers, PR flacks, online bullies and spambots, as well as otherwise perfectly reasonable people driven by the insatiable desire to share pictures of their dinner. So in a way, exactly the same as the printing press.

Anyway, thanks for having me, it’s a handy tool (which is handy because – ironically – it’s full of tools) which I have been able to use to meet new people, learn new things and reach new places.

PS Big up all the brick-wielding old school text-to-Twitter users, 86444 FTW!

*Insert obligatory comment about how I always preferred Jaiku, and Pownce looked nicer, etc here*

My first Lego set revisited – Berlin style

Lego 920 Launch Pad

Whilst in sunny Berlin over the weekend I found myself in the somewhat overpriced and undercleaned palace of fun that is the – and I quote – “LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin” in Potsdamer Platz.

In between scowling at hypercaffeinated junior Teutons and trying to explain to my own blubby pension plan the concept of height restricted rides, I spotted a small display of vintage Lego sets, including the very first one I ever got, which I now know is called the ‘920 Launch Pad‘.

Looking back now and it is clearly a lot less complex than it seemed to seven year old KRS. That said: marvel at the lack of special bricks – this baby is virtually all standard bits. Got to love that. So was the ‘383 Knights’ Joust‘ set, which I also owned; imagine having to build your horses!

For completeness’ sake and for reasons of full disclosure, the only other Lego big box I had was the ‘6386 Police Command Base

Aww crap

In the spirit of keeping up a head of blogging steam, here’s how my day has panned out.

Childcare – mostly good, with some excellent napping, very good smiles and awesomely damp nappies. We have discovered he likes early 90s college rock/indie type stuff, with a particular fondness for Belly‘s Star and Flood by They Might Be Giants. Less keen on Piece Of Cake (Mudhoney).

Housekeeping – cleared all the crap from LLF’s new desk in front room (I say “all the crap”, I mean “all my crap”); finally threw out loads of threadbare old clothes I’m never going to wear and which I would feel embarrassed about dumping over at Classics; tidied front room; got rid of detritus strewn around bedroom.

Technology – finally figured out how to reset password on the wireless box, meaning I could properly protect the network as well as enable AirTunes.

Work – shilled a little (though I note that my boss at the company I’m an external for has reacted to the impending corporate restructuring by massively revising her LinkedIn profile and soliciting lots of testimonials – possibly not a good sign…); finished off a couple of (non-paying) bits for friends.

Srs – caught some of the Julian Assange/Daniel Ellsberg thing at the Frontline Club, and the tail-end of the Dispatches prog on the Wikileaks #warlogs.

Lol – watched the end of Daylight Robbery, which was better than it could have been but a lot worse than it should have been, and started watching Militia, which is very bad so far.

So that’s been my day. Wanted to finish writing up my thoughts on the ‘What’s The Blogging Story?’ thing from Friday, but didn’t get enough quiet time to sort that out. Tomorrow, maybe.

Who’s the daddy?

I am!

Wildstyle: Camping the proper way

Just reading about ‘wild camping‘ after catching mention of it by Forest Pines on their Symbolic Forest blog. I knew that it’d been getting harder and harder to camp properly in the UK, with a camp fire, out in the open, you and the elements etc; I just hadn’t appreciated how hard it had become. Still, with all this lovely weather, I’m working up a hankering.

I’m even getting nostalgic for those ersatz wild camps at Broadstone Warren, pretending to be members of a phantom Venture Scout troop in order to make use of its incredibly cheap charges and seemingly endless woods, cooking under the stars, foraging for wood, sleeping under a basha, having accidents with sharp implements… Halcyon days.

Here we go again, again

So shortly after my last post, about ending my blogging slackness, my Mac died. It’s now been *touch wood* fixed, and I’ve just finished wading through my blogreader a first time to update the blogroll on the right. Plenty of gaps, so if I’ve missed you off please let me know.

I have stacks of stuff for Motion Picture Motions and all that other nonsense, which I’ll be working through as soon as I can, plus there’s some more serious things needing attention too.

Oh, and I actually have some work – actual proper, paying work – to be getting on with at the moment, as well as a few other projects, and some personal life stuff too. Looks to being a busy month. Hope you are all well.

Now let’s get this show on the road…

Nearly there…

Right, so I’ve said this before, but I am almost definitely back in the blogging saddle. Had quite a lot of RL stuff to sort out lately, plus some other projects I needed to attend to, but that’s mostly under control now, and I shall shortly get my AIG and plod on with presenting pointless screengrabs and scratching out overly long sentences about things you don’t really care about.

In the meantime I’ve tidied up the sidebar over yonder – hidden away the byzantine category list into a dropdown menu, and resorted the blogroll so that each blog only appears once (except for a few exalted favourites which get doublebilled in ‘6 Of The Best’, which, obviously, is not quite decided upon yet.

With luck I’ll have time to finish that off, add a few more to the blogroll, and maybe bang out some posts that have been on ice, like, forever.

Jeez, who knew wasting time on the interwebz could take so much effort?