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Doing Ladybird

What a great resource: an index of all the Ladybird books put out by Wills & Hepworth from the 1940s through to the 1980s – including classic series like Talkabout (721 and 734), How-it-Works (654), Learnabout (634) and of course Children’s Classics (740).

That last one saved me (and, I am sure, countless others) the effort of having to actually wade through great, fat tomes of Dickens, Verne and Dumas. Top work by the Ladybird Fly Away Home website.

Used in concert with vintage Ladybird bookseller The Arran Alexander Collection‘s site, and you will be dropping down into the nostalgia wormhole faster than it takes to flick through a 641.

The legacy of Die Hard

You may like this blog post: The legacy of Die Hard, a look at thirty films (and a TV show episode) that rip off, homage or otherwise seem mighty similar to the white vest trials and tribulations of John McClane.

MikeyMo’s enthusiasm for his subject matter is strong enough that you forgive him the occasional typo. Definitely worth following his blog, methinks.

MFIWWCNPE #004: The B to the R to the I to the S-T-O-L…

Well, it’s the black hole twixt crimble and nye, and all is quiet across the blogoshere. Well, quietish.

Anyhow, I thought I’d plug some of my favourite Bristol blogs. Well, I’m plugging pretty much all the Bristol blogs I know about – the ones I like, that is. If you write a Bristol-related blog, or know of any not mentioned here, please do let me know, I’m keen to read more 🙂

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The Bristol Blogger

Your first stop for all Bristol political tittle tattle – breaking the stories BUP/DM & GT/Northcliffe doesn’t dare touch. Rule by quango, corporate crime, fatcat corpulence; if we’re talking corruption in Britain’s biggest village, then TBB will cover it. Mardy fucker, mind 😀
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Bristol Breakcore

Wonky jungle and hypercardiac hardcore biznizz! For fans of Toxic Dancehall, Bashout, STFU & Rave, Goatlab, Ruffnek Diskotek, Dissident, P.R.A.N.K., Death$ucker Records and the rest.
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Bristol Graffiti

A fairly recent addition to the canon, but a most welcome one, enthusiastically and knowledgeably tracking, logging and investigating wall art across the city. It’s not all about teh Banksy!
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Chief Inspector Andy Bennett

I know it’s wrong to pick on the afflicted, but it is fun… Still, ol’ Gordon does occasionally offer up an interesting perspective on Bristol.
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This chap does some amazing little doodles, bit of a Doctor Who spod, loves his SF, but not in an unpleasant way.
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Eugene Byrne

The occasional musings of the Venue-editing, historical comic scripting, spec-fic writing dude.
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A man on a mission to spread dubstep, with a wonderfully byzantine turn of phrase, and a clear love for music.
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MFIWWCNPE #003: Women of letters


One of my favourite links, this: 2000 AD Review – Annie Parkhouse & Ellie De Ville Interview.

It’s a wonderful interview from back in April 2005 with two letterers (the unsung heroes of the world of comics), who have some rather fascinating things to say about the ninth art, much of it unflattering.

Misogyny, health problems, pretentious writers, difficult artists, arsey editors, crappy money, agoraphobia and, um, kinesiology – it’s all in this interview. And their take on the shift from hand-lettering to DTP fonts is well worth reading by anyone with even the slightest of interests in such matters… Though letting letterers use computers seems a bit like handing Tantalos a step ladder and a bucket – surely we shouldn’t be making things this easy for them? Surely we want them to suffer with “failing eyesight, clawed fingers and bent back…no social life or interesting conversation”?

As something of a postscript, I’m saddened to discover veteran letterer Tom Frame died last summer. I didn’t realise, I’m very much out of the 2000AD loop. But a big shame nonetheless. ‘Tom Frame’ is just one of those phrases I’ll always associate with what comics gave me.

MFIWWCNPE #002: Movies+Typefaces=*HEART*

The Slave Of The Cannibal God

Steven Hill’s Movie Title Screens Page does as it says.

A unique catalog of movies…specifically, screen captures of movie title screens!

That is all.

Captive Wild Woman

MFIWWCNPE #001: Tommy Westphallic obsessions

Tommy WestphallOne of my favourite links, ever, come back to haunt me…