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Watching the search terms

BristolBloggerGate: Search engine query of the day: Lady Sheila Newby’s salary

What’s that I spy?

Three views from a Google search on “lady newby’s salary at university of liv“?

Alas, I do not know how much Lady Sheila Newby, wife of University of Liverpool vice-chancellor Sir Howard Newby, is paid. I fear that to even hazard a guess might earn this blog some gardening leave at the hand of’s finest brains in concert with Liverpool Uni’s legal eagle Kevan Ryan.

But I am sure that there are readers out there who might be able to furnish us with the answer to this intriguing question, and perhaps even to flesh out the detail. If you can help, please do get in touch, or leave a comment here.

There’s something about Kate Ashfield

I have once mentioned actor Kate Ashfield on this blog. Once. And yet for the past few months I’ve been receiving ever increasing numbers of visitors looking for her, directed here by search engines. Yesterday it seemed to have peaked, with more than 160 hits seeking her out.

It’s Sex Bangla all over again…

Perhaps it’s to shame me into doing some proper blogging again? Ech, well by Friday morning we’ll be in a brave new world of egalitarian promise (of whatever flavour), with poverty, injustice and hunger all abolished, in which case you’re going to be stuck with screengrabs of puke. FOREVER. Think about that as you enter your polling booths. (Or not, as the case may be.)

Desperately seeking…

Well, as well as the obviously disappointed seekers after MILF porn and ‘sex bangla‘, I have been getting the usual wide array of search engine-led visitors to the BunKRS. Here’s a brief selection of what’s been bringing them here in recent weeks:

american werewolf in london
Got (and got again)

bristol alliance

escape to victory hungarian version

in her line of fire lesbian film festiva [sic]
Sort of got

independence high school/ provo utah
Not got (and no idea WTF)

jack black musical

jim cartwright road

kate ashfield naked

make your own cd wallet

mexican standing on top toilet seat
Not got (but wish I did)

“neddy smith” drinking
Got (well, post-drinking, at least)

rimjob blog
Not got

slab murphy
Got (and got and got)

zombie snails

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Yet more search terms bringing the great unwashed to this humble blog:

black people with blond hair
dvd beaver
activity unlicensed contractors ny.
filiberto ojeda motor home
cartoon wolf tommy gun
Events and happenings in the rebellion
slave cannibal god
How to Make Your Own Homemade DILDO
Delinquent Habits return of trees words
kitty’s with guns
alpha blond
secret lesbian
melon gun plans
big knobs
motorhome names
thai girl and gas pump
motor home
motorhome europe
motor home
gun girls
lebanon wonders
emo blond

Just what is it with the winnebago obsession?

You freaky, freaky people.

Still, getting good trade for snail parasites, Slab Murphy, Leo Baxendale, the Disney Orgy pic, various podcasts, the puke pics, assorted Bristol stories and “don’t Tase me, bro” stuff.

Have to say, “Banksy Grange Hill” threw me for a bit till I realised it was probably more to do with Brookdale topdog Stephen Banks than Bristol City Council’s favourite stencil artist spraying up a kids’ TV show.

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High brow, low notes

Today’s Googlicious was brought to you by the search term…

farty bastard


Snail porn

Mating snails

…Yes, ‘snail porn’. This is apparently the sort of search term which brings people to mine blog.

I’m not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed 😐

Also doing good trade recently (and actually relating to stuff on here) have been

“men with women’s names”
no gender names
Songs from Pandora’s Box Soundtrack
movie posters flickr
photos of creation museum
Leucochloridium paradoxum
“slab murphy”, bulgaria
homemade sub in ny

Plus, of course, the ever-present seekers of MILF porn, Polish swear words, lockpicking advice and articles on Gas Pump Girls. Oh what a world.

Search term surveillance

It’s usual mix of stuff at the moment – people looking for MILF porn and Polish swear words for the most part – but I have to say, the multiple searches for “bren gun blueprints” worries me slightly…

traditional polish costumes
kurt vonnegut
dirty words in polish
bren gun blueprints
shizzle england opinion court
Gas pump girls divx
origami letter
dubstep comic
youtube cupid souffle
zombie snail
milf podcast
Punk Fonts
gybo blog list
“turtle submarine”
“slab murphy”
bren gun blueprints
no gender names
you can’t fuck with me