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Watching the search terms

More search mania…

Currently bringing them in in droves:

slab murphy ira Bulgaria
how to survive an alien attack
milf comix
music blends bootlegs
kwick pick tension size
bootlegs carlin
steptoe son film mike reid joke
ninja joke
car clash
mike reid
james nachtwey
origami boot
+”Polish swear words”
bristol city bebo bands
car bombs
The Archers podcast
dirty polish phrases
free war posters

Welcome part II!

Bristle’s Blog welcome take 2

Hello Flushing, New York! Greetings, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia!

Hola, Pais Vasco! Shalom, Tel Aviv! Hej, Fiskebck! Grüß dich, Remscheid! Como vai, Recife!

And let us not forget our Nederlander friends in Amstelveen and Schiphol! And our Texan buddies in Fort Worth and Houston!

Plus Lambeth, Glasgow, Reading, Dumbarton, Hatfield, Birmingham, Colchester, Armadale and everywhere else!


*Happy mood*

Welcome Googlistas!

motor home

Judging by the search terms bringing people here, some of you must be mighty disappointed 😀

Some recent searches:

podomatic motor home
monster mash car
portishead cher believe
how to make “paper aeroplanes”
ashton court festival investigation
beasts and monsters
portishead mashup cher
bbc news bristol – somali lady attack in
“Gas Pump Girls”
“the archers” podcast
kurt vonnegut
“gas pump girls”
pot cop
bftd comic
soul versus manu 2007
i can assure you

“PodOmatic motor home”?! WTF?