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This is a work-in-progress; a list of films (and gogglebox) I have watched each year. I have a notional plan to hit the one-film-a-day average. The plan is to collect together a fat collection of reviews and articles, but this might be stymied somewhat by the fact that I do, even though all portents seem to suggest otherwise, have a life.

Originally I had a stack of reviews and articles posted on CoolestWiki, but seeing as the interweb boss running that site fucked it up (the plum), it looks like I’ll have to start again from scratch. Because obviously I never anticipated him just wiping it all clean without telling me, and I didn’t keep a complete archive of my stuff. Oh well. So, if I ever get my act together I’ll through in direct links to reviews blogged on here, and/or set up a wiki of my own to help cluster things together nicely for anyone mining through for a few fresh meat rental/torrent ideas.

Older Screen.Logs:

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