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G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘D5’ – City of London Police dog handler A712

G20 Police Witnesses IDed: City of London Police dog handler A712 aka 'D5'

G20 Police Witnesses IDed: City of London Police dog handler A712 aka 'D5'

G20 Police Witnesses IDed - A712 aka 'D5'

Officer D5 (now identified as officer A712) is a dog handler whom we only really see in the picture of Ian Tomlinson staggering off. D5 is just to the right of the fountain, in front of the motorbike parked between it and the building to the right.

D5 also appeared to be involved in the ‘dog attack’ incident on Threadneedle Street shortly before the Ian Tomlinson assault. The pictures taken by Colin McQuillen (which are clear enough to show his shoulder numbers) show him outside the RBS at 62 Threadneedle Street.

Thanks again to Colin McQuillen/TwoThumbsFresh.

Police brutality at peaceful Climate Camp In The City on G20 Day 1

Reuploaded from the original on IndyMedia.


I originally posted up the following as a comment accompanying a link to the video on Ian Bone’s blog, but seeing as someone else has cross-posted the text elsewhere, I might as well add it here too:

There is a very clear video of the police violently wading into the hippies at the climate camp on Bishopsgate up on IndyMedia.

Whatever you or I might think of the politics of the climate camp, or indeed of fundamentalist non-violence, the video lays bare the function of the police force in all its naked, violent, powermonger-protecting glory.

And the individuals who choose to join the police, who then – day by day, situation by situation – choose to carry out orders which include, as here, acting as an anonymous, homogenous bloc of brute force, beating, bloodying, slavering over peaceniks who don’t even defend themselves despite the shields and the batons, well… I think we all know what sort of people they are. I think we all know how big and brave they are when they face anything resembling a fair fight.


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