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Stokes Croft versus Tesco

Right, so I’ve missed out on all the excitement, but anyhow, here’s the story so far on the campaign to prevent the old Jesters building on Cheltenham Road from getting turned into another Tesco Express…

8th February

11th February

12th February

13th February

14th February

20th February

15th March

16th March

17th March

18th March

19th March

20th March

23rd March

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I leave the last word to Al Shaw from Redland People/Trym Tales:

“…I am surprised that on the official press release by Avon and Somerset Constabulary announcing the eviction the force find it necessary to assist Tescos in their PR campaign by quoting a Tesco spokesman uncritically in connection with the company’s desire to open the controversial store.

“It’s one thing for the police to enforce the decision of a court (which is part of their job); when they act as a mouthpiece for a huge company which is widely disliked and criticised by people from a range of social and economic backgrounds, it seems to me that the force has stepped over the wrong side of a line and manifested a poitical bias.”

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Introducing your new poster boy for the Bath police

Chief Inspector Richard Corrigan - copper blogger

Avon & Somerset Constabulary has a new blogger – Chief Inspector Richard Corrigan – to replace our old friend Andy ‘Gordon’ Bennett the Cuddly Copper.

As Big Dixie says:

Policing can be a subject that divides opinion and I fully appreciate this. I will give the story from my perspective and I know that often you will not agree with me. That is the reason why policing is so interesting and challenging.

I’m sure we will all do our best to make him feel welcome.

Guardian: Were YOU injured by G20 police?


The Guardian want to interview people who were actually assaulted (not just threatened) by the police. You’ll need to use your real name.

Via What I Saw (blog devoted to eyewitness accounts from G20 protests) [Edit: It seems they have had a large response to this, and so don’t need any more! See comments for more on this.]

PS The pic comes from a demonstration outside Bristol Magistrates’ Court this morning in support of Paul Saville, the ‘Bristol Chalkist‘ who was arrested and charged with criminal damage for writing on the pavement in chalk. The Crown Prosecution Service finally saw sense and dropped the charges.

Bristol filth in lying, wrongful arrest bullshit shocker!

The shocker being that the truth came out and apologies have been proffered…

A Bristol man was arrested after he took a photo of a police officer who had ignored a no entry road sign.

Plumber Andrew Carter, of Bedminster, has since had an apology from the officer and Deputy Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset police Rob Beckley.

Mr Carter, 44, was walking his two dogs when a police van reversed into South Road, Bedminster, ignoring no entry signs.

The van stopped near a fish and chip shop in the street and two officers went into the shop to look at CCTV footage relating to an earlier incident.

Mr Carter said: “I had nearly been run over the previous day by a car going through the no entry signs so I was a bit miffed when a police van did the same thing.
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“He reversed into the road rather than going round the block and coming in the other way, like the rest of us have to.

“I pointed at the sign and said “no entry” to the driver who swore and said ‘police business’.

“I went home and got my camera. I took a photo of the van and then a picture of the officer, through the window of the chip shop.

He came running out, smashed the camera from my hand. I was put in handcuffs and he said I had ‘assaulted’ him with my camera and that I was also being arrested for resisting arrest and being drunk and disorderly.

“This was complete nonsense. They bundled me into the back of the van. I offered to delete the photos but the male officer was having none of it.”

Mr Carter was taken to Broadbury Road police station in Knowle where he was kept for five hours until a doctor examined him. He had very high blood pressure and was freed on police bail.

When he returned to answer bail the following week, with his solicitor, he was kept at the station for another five hours.

Mr Carter, who was not charged with any offence, made a formal complaint about the wrongful arrest by PC Aqil Farooq who faced a disciplinary tribunal in July, seven months after the incident in January.

PC Farooq apologised to Mr Carter and later he received a letter from Deputy Chief Constable Rob Beckley, who chaired the disciplinary tribunal.

Mr Beckley said in the letter: “I know that PC Farooq apologised personally to you but I would also like to add my apologies on behalf of Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

“We expect the highest standards of our officers and PC Farooq fell below what was required. I know that his colleagues feel he let us down and he has learnt a difficult lesson.

“As you know, he was spoken to by the Head of Professional Standards Department immediately after the hearing.

“I am told he realises his actions were totally unacceptable and he could and should have apologised to you much earlier.

“I have also ensured that his line manager is aware of the issue of his judgement on this occasion and that aspect of his performance will be monitored in the future.”

Mr Carter said he was happy with the apology but was pursuing a claim for compensation for wrongful arrest.

Avon and Somerset police declined to make any further comment.

From the Bristol Evening Post

Not that coppers routinely make up charges and then back each up up with false statements cooked up in the canteen as a matter of course, oh no. A few rotten apples, etc.

WØØP! WØØP! …Är ljudet av polisen

Undercover police car T766 KCJ

Yesterday there was rather a lot of porky activity on Wilder Street – unmarked cars, undercover bulletheads, furtive lurking around in the cemetery and on the streets surrounding Cave Court… No idea what it was about (well, I do have an idea, but it’s rude to speculate), but in lieu of facts, here’s a snap of the Saab 9-5 stationwagon (registration T766 KCJ) which appeared to be the command vehicle. If you see it around town, give a little wave!

It techno terrorists two, baby

O noez, Bristol *really is* a hotbed of mad Islamofascist turrists!!!1!! Well, at least if you go by ‘Breaking News’ stories on the Beeb website:

A 19-year-old man has been arrested in Bristol under the Terrorism Act, police have said.

The man, from the Easton area of the city, is being held for questioning.

Officers from Avon and Somerset Police are conducting a forensic search of his address. A second nearby property is also being searched.

It’s all to do with “ongoing investigations” into Andrew Ibrahim, the ‘techno terrorist’ who got himself charged under the PTA in April, so obviously it’s not going to be a repeat of last summer’s whole cooking oil fiasco.

What are they looking for?

Police looking around Backfields Industrial Estate

A handful of police were noseying around the Backfields Industrial Estate in St. Paul’s this afternoon.

The site, which is being redeveloped into flats and commercial premises by Knightstone Housing Association, has been seeing more and more activity from contractors and surveyors in recent days, so just what is it that the boys in blue were looking for?

PS There are now five police officers with sticks prodding around the car park and communal garden of Wilder Court, the housing estate which backs onto Backfields Industrial Estate.

Given that it’s pissing down with rain, one presumes that it must be fairly important… Could this be connected to the suggestion that one or more tenants there are either related to Mohamoud Muse Hassan, the Somali man stabbed to death in the Criterion early on Sunday morning, or to one of the three people thus far arrested in connection with the murder?

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Hot (fuzz) web chat

The A&S seems to be going all-out on the charm offensive at the moment – not only does cuddly cop Chief Inspector Andy Bennett write a blog telling us all about the good work he gets up to, now you can get pwned by 1337 law enforcers online in a live webchat!

Neighbourhood police officers will be hosting a webchat on Friday 21 September.

Sgt Davey and PC Ibrahim are from the Bishopsworth sector of the Force and welcome your comments and queries concerning any policing issues you may have.

This is an opportunity to speak to your neighbourhood team for Highridge & Bedminster Down, Headley Park and Ashton.

To link to the webchat or to submit a question in advance go to http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/webchat

The webchat will take place at 6pm until 7.30pm.

(From an A&S press release)

Perhaps senior officers north of the river might soon be similarly engaging the public with regards the concerns being raised by some – such as the Bristol Blogger – about the Criterion murder investigation

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Criterion: ‘Post’ murder analysis impedes investigation?

Evening Post ‘ANIMALS’ coverPolice investigating the murder in the Criterion early on Sunday morning are appealing for mobile phone camera footage to help identify Mohamoud Muse Hassan’s killer.

Mobile phone footage from people who were in the St Paul’s area during the early hours of Sunday morning (September 16) is being sought as part of a murder investigation.

Detectives investigating the murder of Mohamoud Muse Hassan are appealing for anyone who may have taken photographs or videos inside or outside the Criterion pub between midnight and 4am on Sunday. Anyone who has any other imagery that may be of use to the investigating team is also urged to come forward.

It is believed many people were taking pictures on their mobile phones throughout the Saturday evening and into Sunday which could help identify the person responsible for Mr Hassan’s death.

On Sunday police seized CCTV footage from the pub and surrounding area as part of their investigation.

Anyone who may have footage or any information that could assist the murder investigation is urged to contact Bristol CID on 0845 4567000.

(Avon & Somerset Constabulary press release, filed 11:43am)

Not sure that today’s Evening Post story (with its hysterical headline ‘ANIMALS’ – shades of the infamous ‘FACES OF EVIL’ front cover) is going to be helpful in encouraging potential witnesses to step forward. The article claims that:

A paramedic…was grabbed by her hair and pulled out of an ambulance by a mob when she tried to treat a dying man.

Sarah Hodierne and her colleague Wayne Evans were first on the scene after a 999 call to The Criterion pub in St Paul’s early on Sunday.

…Ms Hodierne was dragged from the ambulance – and as she tried to resuscitate him she and Mr Evans were surrounded by a crowd of up to 100 people who jostled, shouted and jeered them.

The BBC News website corroborates, but avoids the hyperbole of the Post.

A reader commenting on the incident, Alfredo Quantinas, questions the Post‘s version:

I was at the carnival on Saturday and was in the Prince of Wales pub [which is opposite the Criterion] when the incident happened, I saw the ambulance arrive and did not see anyone pull any paramedic out of the ambulance – this has been blown out of all proportion – if anything the ‘animals’ (your quote) were trying to direct the ambulance in as there was waiting traffic, there was a crowd of people around the dying man but the police had not cleared the area around the incident.

Meanwhile, of the two people arrested on suspicion of murder, the twenty-two year old man has been bailed, whilst the seventeen year-old girl remains in custody. (A&S [10:27am]; BBC [12:51pm])

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Criterion update

Criterion pub in St. Paul’s cordoned off (BBC)

Apparently two people – a sixteen year old girl and a twenty-two year old man – have been arrested in connection with the Criterion murder, according to reports in the Evening Post and on the BBC News website today. The dead man is named as Mohamoud Muse Hassan, aged thirty-five.

The Post story (filed at 10:40am) reports “Police could not confirm how many times he had been stabbed or what weapon was used,” but the later BBC story (filed at 3:13pm) says that “On Monday afternoon police revealed that they had recovered two knives from the area near the Criterion pub”.

The Evening Post does however confirm the suspicion about the police preventing the post-Carnival clean-up operation:

“Carnival would also like to apologise to residents that, as a result of the police investigation, the street cleaners were not allowed to continue when they turned up early Sunday morning.”

Sigma, the event management company used by the carnival team, were trying to persuade the authorities, throughout yesterday, of the urgent need to clean.

Interesting to note the contrast of police insistence throughout this that the murder was nothing to do with Carnival (“This was a tragic and totally isolated incident and not linked in any way to the carnival,” according to Chief Inspector Cath Tarrant) and that ‘there were no indications it was racially motivated,’ with the attitude expressed towards Carnival in recent years by A&S management. Mending fences, building bridges, or changing policy, I wonder?


A&S police press releases

Two people arrested

Police have arrested two people in connection with the murder investigation.

A 16 year old girl and a 22 year old man were arrested yesterday and remain in custody at a Bristol police station. [7:40am]

Murder victim named

Police have named the man who was murdered at the Criterion pub in St Paul’s yesterday (September 16).

Mohamoud Muse Hassan, 35, died after he was stabbed at the pub at around 2.40am.

Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident.

A 16 year old girl and a 22 year old man remain in custody to be questioned about the incident throughout today. [11:39am]

Police recover knives from rubbish

Police investigating the murder of Mohamoud Muse Hassan have revealed that they have recovered two knives as part of the investigation.

Yesterday (September 16) police insisted that rubbish in and around the St Paul’s area was not to be collected as detectives were keen to secure any potential evidence.

A thorough search of rubbish bins and litter in the streets in the St Paul’s area has now been concluded and the remaining cordon on Ashley Road has been lifted.

The extensive search of the rubbish has resulted in police finding two knives.

The knives are being forensically examined to determine whether they are connected to the stabbing incident.

Police said that the recovery of the knives justified the need to delay the rubbish collections.

All of the rubbish has now been cleared from the area and road closures have been lifted. A small police cordon remains outside the Criterion pub which does not impact on traffic.

A post-mortem result has concluded that Mr Hassan died as a result of one stab wound to the neck.

Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident. [2:44pm]

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Shocked & amused

Chief Inspector Andy Bennett, King Of BlogsLocal media darling Chief Inspector Andy ‘Gordon’ Bennett may have made a rather impolitic remark in his quest to come over all matey on his much-publicised ‘cuddly cop’ blog.

Showing characteristic tact and diplomacy whilst discussing the possibility of arming Bristol’s bobbies with potentially lethal stun guns, he mentioned the YouTube video of Manchester’s top cop getting Tasered, describing the footage as:

educational and amusing at the same time.

In itself, hardly that controversial. However, given that the Bristol Stun Gun Burglary Gang is currently running round electric shocking people with impunity, one wonders whether Bennett really thought through his remarks, or whether the victims of the gang felt ‘educated’ or ‘amused’ when confronted with a Taser.

Bennett – who now oversees the policing of South Bristol from Broadbury Road nick – used to be Sector Inspector in Ashley ward, where he made lots of friends through Operation Atrium (which included routine fully armed paramilitary patrols a few years back). Given how Atrium was the cause of District Commander Chief Superintendent Mike Roe’s own very public bollock-drop over lost bullets, one wonders whether there was something in the water back then at Trinity station which stimulates the fetishisation of weapons and promotes insensitivity.

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The Criterion killing

Police search for Criterion killing murder weapon?

A chap was murdered in the Criterion early this morning, after the official end of Carnival here in St. Paul’s.

We’ve just had fifteen porkers doing a heart-not-in-it fingertip search (well, not ‘fingertip search’ really, more a ‘walking along and poking the ground with a stick search’) along the Frontline and Wilder Street, and I assume it’s in some way connected.

The street cleaners haven’t been around today either, so I guess it’s also reasonable to suppose the A&S asked them to hold off a while.

The BBC hasn’t reported many details, in fact its ‘report‘ is essentially a verbatim reproduction of the police press release, with minor edits.

[Police] were called to the Criterion pub in Ashley Road in the St.Paul’s area of the city at about 0240 BST.

Police say the victim, believed to be a local man in his 30s, died in Bristol Royal Infirmary later.

A police spokesman stressed the incident was not thought to be connected with the St.Paul’s carnival, held in the area on Saturday afternoon.

Detectives investigating the incident, which happened sometime after the carnival had come to a close, said the motive of the attack was unclear.

it is not known what weapon was used during the incident.

Nothing on Bristol IndyMedia or in the Post as yet.

Sympathies to the murdered man’s friends and family, regardless of whatever may have happened.

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