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G20 Climate Camp witnesses wanted for complaint against police

Does anyone have any footage or photos of the evening attacks by police at the north end of the Climate Camp – a number of us were beaten by police at the corner of Bishopsgate and Camomile Street in the evening maybe around 9 /10ish. Particulary looking for footage of a woman wearing a red jacket sitting on the road who was beaten and had her head crushed between 2 riot shields – needed for evidence to make a complaint.

No contact details given, so if you can help perhaps drop a comment to the end of this message on IndyMedia with a contact email.

Watching the police: Attack on the G20 Climate Camp (part 2)

Police attack peaceful Climate Camp, 1/4/9

So, having looked for (and found) likely candidates for the locations mentioned by oimelnikov, I turned back to the footage of the police attack on Climate Camp in Bishopsgate to see if they were also correct about the units involved.

To the bottom of the screen for the most part is a large bloc of police officers in full blue boilersuit & visored helmet riot duty get up. In addition they mostly seem to be armed with see-through riot shields:

Police attack peaceful Climate Camp, 1/4/9

As we can see from the pictures above, this ‘blue bloc’ seems mostly to be a mix of officers wearing helmets marked either “MP TW” or “MP U55”. This would appear to indicate that they are Metropolitan Police divisional officers from the Twickenham sector and members of serial 5 of Territorial Support Group 5.

Towards the top of the screen are mostly officers wearing high visibility jackets over their uniforms, with black riot shields instead of transparent ones:

Police attack peaceful Climate Camp, 1/4/9

As the pictures show, their helmets are marked with the “KB” prefix. In addition, some officers wear tabards which also bear the “KB” prefix. This indicates that they are divisional officers from the Barking sector of Barking & Dagenham policing borough. [ETA: After initially identifying ‘KB’ as Barking sector of Barking & Dagenham borough, I subsequently lost the reference for this, so queried the identification. However, I have since found a list of ‘Met Police Subdivision’ identifying codes on the National Archive website, which would seem to be a fairly authoritative source.]

It is also interesting to see in amongst the Barking contingent (from whence, judging by the video footage, some of the most savage baton beatings were given out) a police cameraman and minder (identified by “EG” for ‘Evidence Gathering’ on the dark blue tabard to the right of the picture below):

Police attack peaceful Climate Camp, 1/4/9

Whether the video footage shot by EG7 finds its way – unedited – into the public domain, or whether it gets ‘lost’, or else accidentally stored next to a really, really powerful magnet, is a question which only time will answer.

One final thing of note: the video captures what looks like a tactical conflab between senior officer on the ground before they order their troops to attack the Climate Camp:

Senior TSG officers confer before clearing Climate Camp, 1/4/9

The officer to the right of that group, wearing the red epaulettes on his shoulders, can apparently later be seen in the video to the rear of the TSG 5 contingent, flanked by three officers each wearing white epaulettes:

Police attack peaceful Climate Camp, 1/4/9

Could this be Inspector Giel, commander of TSG 5’s serial 5 (as identified on this TSG command structure diagram, found online here), along with his three sergeants?

So, to wrap up, per the YouTube comments by oimelnikov, there are clearly TSG 5 officers – or certainly those wearing TSG 5’s helmets – on duty at the attack on the Climate Camp. There is a police station with a seemingly large garaging capacity in Clapham at an address near to two roads with ‘Larkhall’ in their name, and a park called Larkhall. So far I have not been able to positively identify any officers bearing TSG 4 insignia, but the address in Catford does lead us to a large police vehicle compound. In addition officers bearing the identifying mark “KB” which denotes that they are based in Twickenham and Barking are clearly visible all from the same policing borough.


Someone has forwarded me a link to a photoset on Flickr which shows the KB police contingent (the ones in the hi-vis jackets to the top of the picture) getting stuck in to the hippies. From these photos one can clearly make out some of their warrant numbers:

  • CJ177
  • CC050
  • CW364
  • CC614

(There are also a couple which are less clear – possibly CH454 and one ending in 103?)

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Watching the police: Attack on the G20 Climate Camp (part 1)

I’m sure we all know to take YouTube comments with as big a pinch of salt as we would IMDb discussion board posts, but this is quite interesting. It was posted to the video on YouTube of the brutal clearing by police of the peaceful G20 Climate Camp on Bishopsgate (11,846 122,495 views and counting – and that’s just this copy), by oimelnikov:

Most of the attackers are from 5TSG and 4TSG (the call signs on their helmets are U5 and U4), based in Clapham (Larkhall Road) and Catford (Aitken Road) respectively.

Well, this intrigued me. To start with, I had a look to see if I could find possible sites for Territorial Support Group (TSG) bases at the locations mentioned. Each TSG (there are five in total) comprises five operational serials, plus support staff. Each serial splits across three vans, with nine per van. That means we’re looking for locations for TSG 4 and TSG 5 that each can garage at least 15 vans and more than a hundred coppers.

Now, there doesn’t appear to be a Larkhall Road in Clapham, though there is a Larkhall Lane and a Larkhall Rise. However, Clapham police station is on the corner of Union Grove and Smedley Street – which then leads on to Larkhall Lane and is also close to Larkhall park:

Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8
Clapham Police Station, Union Grove SW8

Judging by the pictures, the police station compound does seem to occupy a large footprint, with the building at the back looking like it could be vehicle workshops or some such similar.

[ETA: Please disregard the above – TSG 5 is in fact based just down the road at 157 Larkhall Lane SW4 6RE, in a large compound bounded by Smedley Road and Union Road, where the main entrance is. Please see the later post on the ‘G20 death cop’ going on the sick for details.]

Down in Catford, at the end of Aitken Road, is a large gated compound which operates as the SE garage of the Traffic Operational Command Unit, though other Metropolitan Police units also seem to be based there, in the main building and in adjacent offices:

SE Garage, Catford
SE Garage, Catford

So, looking at all this, oimelnikov’s comment seems to have some merit.

» Watching the police: Attack on the G2 Climate Camp (part 2)


Channel 4 News is now claiming that Officer ‘A’ – the one who assaulted Ian Tomlinson shortly before he died – was wearing a helmet marked ‘U41’, indicating a TSG officer from serial 1 (commanded by Inspector Dyer) of TSG4, based at Aitken Road, Catford.

[Edited to add update, Thursday 23/4/9]