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Desperately seeking…

Well, as well as the obviously disappointed seekers after MILF porn and ‘sex bangla‘, I have been getting the usual wide array of search engine-led visitors to the BunKRS. Here’s a brief selection of what’s been bringing them here in recent weeks:

american werewolf in london
Got (and got again)

bristol alliance

escape to victory hungarian version

in her line of fire lesbian film festiva [sic]
Sort of got

independence high school/ provo utah
Not got (and no idea WTF)

jack black musical

jim cartwright road

kate ashfield naked

make your own cd wallet

mexican standing on top toilet seat
Not got (but wish I did)

“neddy smith” drinking
Got (well, post-drinking, at least)

rimjob blog
Not got

slab murphy
Got (and got and got)

zombie snails

Bristol blogosphere united by the meme that cannot die… All hail CARBOOT CIRCUS!

Birth of a meme..?

Picking up the meme and running with it:

Eyeing the meme covetously, but restraining themselves:

Other contenders:

  • Bread and Cabot Circus
  • Cahoot Circus
  • Carbon Circus
  • Carrot Circus
  • Circusmead
  • Cornucopia Circus
  • Jesus Building
  • New Broadmead
Edited Friday 14th November to add more links

Q: When is an alliance in Bristol not a Bristol alliance?

A: When it’s ‘Bristol Alliance‘…

Yesterday I spotted a little story on the Bristol pages of BBC News about improvements to the pedestrianised bits of Broadmead. The usual puff story, really. But one bit caught my eye – the bit calling Bristol Alliance

a local partnership set up to revive the city centre.

Of course, ‘Bristol Alliance’ is nothing of the sort. It’s just the flag of convenience under which the London-based real estate behemoths Hammerson Plc and Land Securities Group Plc operate under in their Broadmead expansion project. Pretending to be part of a local initiative working to a local consensus was, of course, one of the big bugbears when this whole Cabot Circus (né Merchant’s Quarter) shebang kicked off. Even mild-mannered community body St. Paul’s Unlimited had a few choice words to use about Hammerson/LSG’s failure to engage with local concerns.

It’s not the first time huge, out-of-town landgrabbers have tried to cloak their operations beneath disingenuous labels; the big Bull Ring development was carried out by ‘Birmingham Alliance‘, a non-Midlands consortium led by, erm… Hammerson Plc and Land Securities Group Plc!

So fired up with righteous anger and with green ink filling my veins, I knocked out a swift rebuttal and asked the Beeb to correct their story.

And blow me if they haven’t gone and done it… The contentious bit now reads:

The scheme is funded by the Bristol Alliance, a development partnership working on the city centre’s revival.

Hmmm… An improvement, no doubt; but do you think we ought to pick holes in the “revival” claim?